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    Hero and Champion Experience


    Big thanks to Tin Man for this topic in which, collectively, huge advances were made on the problem of "how much experience is needed to reach a level?".
    Also, to the one who found the formula for high champion level. The post has been lost due to the October post-hack rollback, but I think it was from Argon in a follow-up to his previous post.

    Summary of Findings

    I have done a lot of experiments around all the (tentative) formulae we came up with, and until proven otherwise the one I trust to be accurate for computing the amount of XP needed to reach the next level are :
    Hero Level
    Range of current level ℓ XP needed to reach next level
    1 95
    2 — 49 ( 40 × ℓ + 150 ) × ℓ
    50 — 69 ( 120 × ℓ + 750 ) × ℓ
    Champion Level
    Range of current level ℓ XP needed to reach next level
    0 — 699 ( 10 × ℓ + 30 ) × ℓ + 50 000
    700 — ∞ ( 10 × ℓ + 30 ) × ℓ + 50 000 +  1.015 ( ℓ - 700 )

    (In the last formula the brackets denotes rounding down.)
    Examples: According to the relevant formula, 12 650 567 XP points separate CL 1122 from CL 1121, and 12 740 559 XP points separate CL 1126 from 1125. (I have strong evidence that these amounts are exact.)

    From these come the formulae to compute the total amount of XP needed to reach any level:
    Hero Level
    Range of level ℓ Hero XP accumulated to reach this level
    2 — 50 5 × ( ( ( 8 × ℓ + 33 ) × ℓ - 41 ) × ℓ - 57 ) / 3
    51 — 70 5 × ( ( ( 8 × ℓ + 63 ) × ℓ - 71 ) × ℓ - 793 819 )
    Champion Level
    Range of level ℓ Champion XP accumulated to reach this level
    1 — 700 10 × ℓ × ( ℓ × ( ℓ + 3 ) + 14 996 ) / 3
    701 — ∞ 10 × ℓ × ( ℓ × ( ℓ + 3 ) + 14 996 ) / 3 + 200 × ( 1.015 ( ℓ - 700 ) - 1 ) / 3

    (NB. The last formula is an approximation, we don't know whether the XP increments are truncated internally. If that is the case the formula is a bit inaccurate, with an overestimation growing almost linearly by close to half a point for each level above 700.)

    Example: According to the relevant formula, a total of 4 999 040 champion XP points are needed to reach CL 73. (Again, I have strong evidence that this amount is exact.)

    About the Inverse Problem

    Given an amount of accumulated XP, what is the corresponding hero or champion level? There are closed formulae for this, at least for all hero level and for champion level up to 699. But they are rather involved (lots of cubic and square roots) and of limited use, so i won't give them here. You can use (as I did) a computer algebra system to retrieve them.

    The simple way here is the better, if only because it work at and above CL 700: just tabulate all the amounts for all hero level and for champion level up to e.g. 2400 (that's 6 595 341 625 486, a little bit more than 62 time the amount needed to reach CL 2100) and do lookups.

    About Experience Merging

    After some experiments (with surprising results!) I do believe that the game maintain two experience counters, at least for an event toon: one for the XP gained while the toon wasn't yet at level 70, one for the XP gained after that. Note that I have some evidence that all the XP gained before reaching level 70 is kept in the first counter (the "hero" experience counter), so it may go above the amount needed to reach level 70 (e.g. because the last kill overreached that amount).

    When the event is ended with no slot for the event hero, both experience counters are added to the account "champion" experience counter. Otherwise, only the event toon "champion" experience counter is added to the account one.

    If this is true I think it's a nice touch: no effort put into the event toon is lost, even if it wasn't enough to reach level 70.

    Post Scriptum

    This last bit is confirmed here, thanks to Nhat for the link.

    Post Scriptum Bis

    I have made a spreadsheet for XP computations, available in my Dropbox (link in my signature).

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    Brilliant! Thanks a lot!

    Travis, I vote that this be moved to the Guides and Walkthroughs section.
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    CL 2367


      Big brains are awesome. I sure wish I had one. Lol. Thanks for letting me use yours!


        hi, how should i level up? i'm stuck on trial 55, so should i go back and do lower level trials?



        • Benedicto
          Benedicto commented
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          Yes, just focus on the trial level that you can finish in just 2-3 minutes. It is better to farm for CL points in lower trials.

        so this is how almost everybody does it? ok thanks.


        • Keaven
          Keaven commented
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          It's easiest vs Kara. Keep pulling more mobs after she spawns as well.

        • RockDoc
          RockDoc commented
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          I find when using Mage the mobs keep on coming after Kara appears. It seems that using Blizzard, Frost Nova and Immolate attracts mobs from off screen to come and attack. Have not seen a similar response when using either BH or Warrior.

        • srtdan
          srtdan commented
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          What RockDoc talks about, happens when using multiple abilities in a certain order. You use Frostbolt attack then, activate Blizzard. When the Northern Wind icon appears, upper left of screen (Icon looks like snow), you activate Immolate, which aggro's and damage's all red dots showing on your mini map. Using the Grand Magister's Command Set of weapons increase's the aggro'ed damage by 3000%.
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        Hi i am a beginner. When I fight an evidence boss, round-shaped, multi-colored areas appear on the ground with green + signs inside. Home mean Thanks


          Question about "About Experience Merging"

          The above information "When the event is ended with no slot for the event hero, both experience counters are added to the account "champion" experience counter. Otherwise, only the event toon "champion" experience counter is added to the account one"

          Does this mean add on top of main account CL? or whichever higher?
          For example: Main Hero has CL700, ANB Hero has CL1500, do I get CL2200 when the event end (keep ANB Hero) or just CL1500?
          Sorry if there already is answer out there already, I did search but did not find the thread.

          I am new player started 4 weeks ago, stumbled on 1st Bronze ANB did not reach L70 so no CL, but got a Medal somehow Yay!
          I'm working on 2nd ANB Silver League, got my first L77 Lily after 50 tried with ML42, and BoM L74 with Frost Beam 490% (awesome!)
          I finally read ELR Mage Tutorials - Thank YOU!

          [Mage ELR Lily build, iPad player - side note; did not own any Windows base devices, had to go buy a gaming laptop to get on Steam to get some goodies to unlock Lily ]
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