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To Bag or not to Bag: how do I craft a lvl77 item?

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    The Bracer of Mastery RNG is just messing with me.... The odds of a 77 AND the ability you need? Makes me sad. I haven't seen Cleave more than twice in my last 100 crafts, and both were lvl 73 and below. The gold/mithril sinkhole is deep


      kurtcabage Thanks, but the link didn't get me anywhere. I joined the Eternium group though. Where do I look for it? Also, how do I reply to replies???
      DEPE CIQU ZILU 2182


        Amazingly, I just got a level 77 on my very first legendary craft of the new ANB! Fortunately it was my main XP weapon, which should set me up for a really good run on the CL grind.
        But I guess that means I now have around 96 more crafts until I can start thinking about another 77. At least this guide tells me that I'll get a few 75 & 76 hits along the way, so I'll still keep track of my crafting progress.



          after i have read this thread some weeks ago, i have started to notice the numbers of crafts for a lv77 item. I have crafted only one lv77 item per char (Bounty Hunter). After i had the item, i deleted the char and start a new one. I have used chars from the normal game and the ANB events.

          8 lv77 items i have crafted after read this thread 2, 3 months ago. I have done all crafts on PC.

          1.) 3. try, normal game (no joke, it was really the third try... )
          2.) 42. try, ABN Bronze
          3.) 33. try, normal game
          4.) 33. try, ABN Silver
          5.) 46. try, ABN Gold
          6.) 49. try, normal game
          7.) 16. try, normal game
          8.) 28. try, normal game

          So thanks for this thread. IT WORKS!!!

          My Bounty Hunter has 13 lv77 items now. Warrior will be next...