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    Originally posted by Rannasha View Post
    The constant used in the crit chance calculation (3500) appears to not be correct anymore.

    I've taken 5 different data points on my Mage and they all match, to the limit of the accuracy of the numbers, the equation C / (C + 3000), implying that the constant should be 3000, not 3500.
    If you are interested you can copy the guide into a new post and just fix the things that have changed and the new one can replace this



      Lemme preface with a big ty: this post is great and really helped me. Still does.

      Just want to put this out there for any other noobs like me:

      The formulas in here are quite a bit off. Ex using crit rate: P= C/(C+3500) doesn’t get me the correct numbers. And that’s not by any means the only one that’s off. So either I’m missing something or these formulas are out of date.

      but the formulas are def not the focus here. There’s a lot of great info.

      edited to say apparently someone had already pointed this out and I didn’t read. Guess who has two thumbs and feels dumb?
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