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Guide for Optimal Progress for Busy People

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  • Rytrik
    Seconded what adjacentengels said.

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  • adjacentengels
    I vote that it not be moved to the guides section currently.

    If you have less than five minutes to play a day as your steady-state condition (meaning it isn't due to a temporary situation like vacation or something) then you will never progress to a meaningful level in the game and should not worry about gemstone packs and the like. Play causally a run or two and don't worry about anything else. Even looking at gear at the end of a Story Mode map would use up most of your playing time. If you only have a few minutes, you need to spend as much of that time doing the enjoyable part of the game as possible and leave everything else alone.

    You should not buy a gemstone pack every day you login. These are used situationally as you need gemstones (socketing or building jewelry); buy them when you need them not every day.

    If you are only playing a few minutes a day you don't need to buy boosters every day. The intent is good, but it would be better to phrase it as "always have an XP booster active, if you can afford it, when running trials or Legendary Story Mode maps"; the purpose isn't to purchase every day but to have it active as much as possible.

    In order to not waste your booster while getting daily quests, it would be worth having one hero to do the daily quests and another for Misty and Trials. For the quests, you want to get them done as quickly as possible, so will probably do it on Normal, which will not net you good XP even with a booster, so better to use the limited booster activation time as efficiently as possible.

    Personally I would reorder this into a single list in order of priority for the day, starting with things that are limited in time or scope. So start with collecting the 100 gems from the 30-day package, then perform daily quests, then do Misty (I know a lot of high end players don't do Misty anymore but for the targeted audience it will be a good reward vs. time investment). I would rank daily quests above Misty, but that's a personal preference. Since they probably won't have a lot of legendaries lying around crafting is a bit lower on the priority; again you want to spend as much time as possible doing the enjoyable part of the game. Finally your instructions for running a couple XP Trials or one higher level Trial.

    Within the list you could add lines where time-cutoffs are appropriate. So after the first 1-2 lines add a line saying you can do it in ~1 minute a day, then after daily quests or Misty a line saying can be completed in ~5 minutes, etc. Since the list for a given time period is everything in the preceding list plus a little more, I think having one list would let people work down in order of priority until they are out of time.

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  • Humus
    Travis I vote this be moved to the guides section
    Edit: Suggestion- if you are busy you can just start the gauntlet on normal at level 1 after accepting the daily quests and it will do all of them for you after about 100 levels

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  • mattks1
    started a topic Guide for Optimal Progress for Busy People

    Guide for Optimal Progress for Busy People

    I know this game is game is geared towards hours of grinding a day for Gems, EXP, Gemstones, Gold and Gear, but what if you enjoy playing this game but have a busy lifestyle as in 50+hrs/week job, Married, Have Kids, a Home Owner, have more than one job or all of the above. You will not be able to play for hours a day unless you want to get divorced or fired from your job. This is my recommendation for crazy busy people who primarily want to collect gems for future Events, open Storage Slots, Sockets gear, to buy Minions while gaining a little exp and getting some gold and gemstones in 1min-20min a day. Note: It will take much longer this way to get EXP, Gemstones and Gear but over the long haul so it is recommended that when you do get the chance to play for an hour or so, take advantage of it!!

    Do as many of these steps as you can on the days your too busy to play more than 20min but still want to collect Gems for future Events.
    • Spend the $4 to get the 100gems a day for a month (recommended)
    • Log on Collect you Daily Award and 100 gems
    • Purchase and apply a Currency Booster (if you have enough gems to buy one and need Gemstones and Money for Jewlery Crafting)
    • Purchase and apply a Exp Booster (if you have enough gems and desire more Experience gains) Note: You can use Currency Booster and Exp Booster at the same time but only one of each of those types at a time since they do not stack to higher values gained).
    • Use three keys for Dungeon and collect the daily quests for 20 gems per champ that apply to what you can get in the Misty Island alone.
    • Do one round of One of The Siege of Anderhelm or go straight to Trials if there were no Merlock quests. If you do have the Merlock quest, do two rounds of Marcus Village to half way point to complete all the daily quests.
    • Run at least Two Trial Runs with your EXP Grinder with a Trial you can do in 4min or less
    • Alternative to EXP grinding is to do one Trial Level with your Trial Advancement champ and try to get to the next Trial Level on one round. You can reap the benefit of both by alternating between Trial Exp and Trial Advancement each day to get exp one day and gear the next.
    • Use common legendary gear to craft weapons
    • Save Set Gear that is useful in storage.
    • Update any abilities that have not been maxed out.
    • Purchase a 99gem Gemstone Package in the store (if wanting Gemstones for Jewelry Crafting and don't have time to grind with Currency Booster)
    If acquiring gemstones is your priority than if possible always have the 75 gem Currency Booster applied and for dailies just do 10 The Siege of Anderhelm and one Marcus Village. The key is to do Marcus Village first if their is a Merlock Quest, then when doing the SoA, just go straight through to the boss killing only the mobs in the center. This will not take much time and you will get your dailies in the process and acquire a greater amount of gemstones than what I have stated earlier in this document. Buy the 99gem Gemstone Package when you can.

    You have the option to use the gauntlet to get your daily tasks by click and go afk till close to wave 100. You might want to check it from time to time and recomended when on the go using mobile. This take some time but minimal involvement.

    Another option is to use all three keys, do one trail run that you can get in three minutes and if you have the Merlock Quest you can do two Marcus Village to the half way point.
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