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On lily vs crit in ANB, beam vs dfa, crate or no crate, p2w and other ANB stuff

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    On lily vs crit in ANB, beam vs dfa, crate or no crate, p2w and other ANB stuff

    So I finally managed to test Fire Lily this ANB, and thought I'd share my impressions.

    In brief - it's just as good as the crit build!

    I did 152 this time (ANB Silver), and was a few seconds away from clearing 153 - or one last-minute mistake less...
    Last one (Bronze) I used the crit build, and results were pretty similar - 1 trial level lower.

    Gear quality was similar - bit lower level than possible, because of crafting bracers...

    So how does lily fare in the different stages of ANB?


    It's ridiculously good for getting to level 70 fast! Only crate I bought was a 25K gold basic crate which I got at the start (converted 55 gems to gold). This meant that I didn't have Mark of Titans and could not craft set gear, including GMC weapons. I crafted a low-level lily and vial of wind spirit, and used mostly fireball and Vial to level up. I did so in trials as soon as I hit level 10. Took me 17 minutes on mobile, which felt quite fast! There are faster ways to level up, but running full trials was easier for me, as it took less real life time.

    I used blizzard and beam along the way to help with bosses. I put some haste on my gear to attack faster and also to trigger Vial more often. Good thing about Vial is that any level item works. As for Lily, it's best to craft an epic or legendary one as soon as possible. Level does not matter.

    As I reached lvl 70, I crafted gold farming gear and hit Severed mountain. Crafted jewelry and some blue/purple ELR gear. I wanted to farm with DfA this time, but the first (blue) bracer I crafted was with frostbeam. So quickly beamed my way to trial 70 to get the ANB rewards. Used all the ephemeral boxes for xp gear, putting xp, power and ability.

    Soon I crafted my first DfA bracers and switched to farming with the fire build, which brings me to:

    DfA vs Beam for xp farming
    Honestly, just pick one. They're both great. With both of them it is possible to reach CL2000 in 6-7 hours. CL 1900+ is doable in 4. If you're on mobile, I'd suggest DfA.

    If you go with DfA, run lower trials that you can clear faster. You don't want to spend too much time fighting Kara. I did t70 runs in the beginning, moving up to t90. Averaged around 40-45 seconds per run. I switched to t95 and t100 very late. Got a 54 sec t100 which unlocked t115 for me.

    Key items: igniters sash, DfA bracers
    Key stats: max movement speed, power, (max) ability, +fire

    With beam, normally you run higher trials, but a bit slower. Beaming down all the mobs takes time. Actually there are two options:
    - Use +frost on all items. This means very high beam and thermal shock damage. With this build I can clear t100 quite fast with low CLs.
    Key items: frostfire sash, beam bracers
    Key stats: movement speed, power, ability, +frost, haste

    - Use +fire on all/most items. This build yields high shatter damage. Bear in mind that shatter has a huge range, but lower damage than beam and thermal shock. To benefit from this build, run lower trials, which you can clear mostly with shatter. Use beam at the end of the level and for Kara.
    Key items: frostfire sash, beam bracers
    Key stats: max movement speed, power, (max) ability, +fire, haste

    Lily vs Crit for xp
    Early on - Lily is way ahead. Later, with high CLs and good gear, you can have great results with a crit build as well. Using Slayer weapon enchant and ToS help with that.

    The whole ANB revolves around this. The crit build suffers from a lack of Fire essences (needed for both CD and XP). Lily suffers even more from lack of Shadow essences. In both builds, running quick trials is key, as well as choosing how to spend your resources.

    Ideally, when farming with DfA with Lily you want all items to have power and ar. I find that too limiting in ANB though, so I put vit/LoH instead on the most expensive items, e.g. weapons and tomes. I also prefer ability to power, because you get a lot of power from champion levels quite soon.

    Most enchantments are expensive. I don't waste too much resources on enchanting xp gear that I'll replace - just put ms on boots and pants, Slayer on helm and on weapon (if it is the last staff I'll craft). Cape, chest and pads enchantments are also a good deal. I try not to recraft gear that's already enchanted.

    The goal is to farm with good gear, and push with the best possible. I enchant (and usually socket) all push pieces.

    Surprisingly, Lily really shines at pushing trials! I expected it to suffer from lack of damage at higher trials. Well, it didn't, at least not as early as expected.

    I made it from t100 to t145 (unlocked) in less than 10 minutes, which was the fastest I've done so far. The first failed attempt came at 150 Kara, because Kara is a b... tough boss! It was much easier than with the crit build, because damage done to Kara's maids was more consistent. With the crit build, they sometimes don't die from 2 beams. In the meantime Kara summons more and things get messy. Same thing applies to mob phase - the consistent damage makes it more enjoyable to play.

    Gems. P2W
    I've heard that 'It's all pay-to-win' mantra way too many times now. My take on this is - you need 3-4K gems to be top 5. The more you spend, the easier it is. There's no amount of gems that can instantly give you the win. So far spending 4K was doable using daily quest rewards and season pass/ads. So as long as you played enough to accumulate that much, even as a non-paying player, you have a shot at top spots. For me the season pass is a great deal, and monthly gem subscription is reasonable, and that covers my gem needs.

    What should I spend gems for in ANB?
    I'd say - buy all the +200% xp boosters you need to xp farm boosted all the way. Buy 1-2 gold boosters, use all the event rewards.
    Levelling abilities - I don't spend more than 50-100 gems on that. Books are abundant if you run trials quickly. Check the skill levels where you get some additional bonus, e.g. AL buff, Immolate range, Fireball AoE, etc.
    Crafting jewelry - if you have the gems and lack the time - go for it. It's optional.
    Companions - I like playing with 3 healers. ELR is playable with the default companions, but I'd advise for a minumum of 2 healers.
    Skill upgrade slots - I got close to 180 synergy in Silver with 2 upgrade slots (400 gems). Unlocking the 3rd one is a quality of life improvement, if you have the gems - go for it!
    Sockets - optional, but nice to have on push gear.
    Crates - Legendary crates offer a big advantage early on. Eventually in Silver and Bronze there is enough time to compensate entirely for the lack of those. With Lily you can do well with purple (and even blue) gear. It takes some patience to craft legendaries, especially weapons.

    So what, should I use Lily or not?
    My advice is - use Lily for levelling and xp. If you are not doing 150+ on main, perhaps you'll have better results pushing with lily. It's a bit easier to play and can accommodate more toughness more easily. If you're aiming at top spots - I honestly don't know which one is better! We'll see in the next events...

    Lastly, I still believe Lily is a tad worse than the crit build on main with full celestial gear. I'm already heavily invested in crit gear so switching is not an option, so I hope I'm not wrong on this one : )

    Hope this helps : ) Let me know what you think!
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    Mage: Anba

    Wow. Great lily assessment. Wonderful tips. Eye opening insights.


      Terrific write up. After doing fire lily /dfa xp build in silver, I think I'm going to go Lily build in gold for push also. I always seem underpowered compared to others dps in anb with crit build, but my dps numbers with my lily farm gear were actually pretty good. Of course the shadow essences may end up being my undoing. I also wonder if garm will be a little easier.
      at worst, I'm sure I can get to 130 either way. Although it would be ironic if I did worse than in the last gold when I went crit DFA build


      • bojck
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        Did you reforge some of the lily xp gear to crit push? I was thinking that if you want to have CD everywhere, and thus high sheet damage, you either have to craft separate gear, or do some expensive xp to cd reforging...

      • Montresor
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        I crafted one base set of exp lily gear at level 70. Everything after that was crit build crafting. I did get my 77 staff as an xp build item, but never reforged off the xp.

      Indeed, excellent guide.
      Also impressive are your achievements. Congratulations!
      What you did not mention by modesty I guess, is that getting to top spots requires lots of skills, and you obviously do not miss any

      Well.. I am BH lover since first sight and never enjoyed other classes that much. After reading this I started thinking about Lily and BH, but it actually does not seem to work that well. This is definitely not for stalker. Perhaps it is worth to bring Assault set back to live and give it a try with Lily. Anyone tested this?
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        bojck Great Analysis! Thanks for sharing. If I was playing Mage I would seriously consider pulling the trigger on buying the recipe for Fire Lily. I got a half decent one that dropped during beta testing, it is is the most impressive of the new trinkets IF you are willing to retool your gear away from a crit build. The fact that it can burn through trials even with rare or epic gear makes it really useful for ANBs. I have a Fire Mage with igniters sash and DFA bracer that really crushes lower trials.

        For a BH, I highly recommend crafting Vial of Wind Spirits early on. I think that I had a rare one drop around level 20, and I played it through until somewher between Trial 60-70 before upgrading. It works really well at lower trials, entire screens full of enemies dropped like flies every time it proc'ed. It is too bad that the special trinket skills sort of pan out at higher trials, but I would consider the VoWS to be a must have item for getting your hero to level 70 even if you just craft a rare one with XP and one damage stat.


        • Seba
          Seba commented
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          Big thanks Ozymandius for the hint about VoWS.
          I started using it early on during this ANB Gold and it really makes miracles

        • Ozymandius
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          Seba You're welcome. I really love how well the VoWS works in the early stages of an ANB. I am still using the Epic VoWS that I crafted when I hit level 20, and I haven't noticed any drop of in performance through the early trials. I may just try to see how far I can push this one.

          I just hit level 70, so now I have to decide which BH build I want to use this ANB. I have more than enough Glory to buy the Fire Lily, and I don't have any level 70 gear yet, so maybe it is time to try something different. Either that or this will be the event where I finally buy the Bracer of Mastery recipe.

        this could be a guide somehow
        thanks for your gear analysis and information
        Guide :


          Great tips thanks im trying it out

          How much HPS is enough?


          • bojck
            bojck commented
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            Hard to say, it depends on too many factors. High haste is not that vital now, because normal attacks don't do any damage. You just get higher alacrity and LoH from regular attacks. Haste increases frostbeam and frostfire damage, though, which is important. Still adding cd, power or cr generally increases damage more than haste.

            For pushing with beam I'd say 1.5-2k, for xp farming you can do with less.