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Holy Frost Beam Party!

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    Holy Frost Beam Party!

    I crafted 30 BoMs this ANB, but 10 of those had a Frost Beam bonus! Here are the breakdown of my crafts:

    Frost Beam: 10
    Fire Ball: 6
    Immolate: 5
    Arc Lightning: 4
    Frost Nova: 3
    Death from Above: 2

    Then I crafted a level 77 BoM with Frost Beam, too! Too bad, it has the lowest percentage among ​​​​​​the ten but I also have a level 76 which has the highest bonus, and I'm torn of which of these two will I apply my CT for the final push and to keep...

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_2021-01-23-18-08-46-74.png Views:	0 Size:	260.3 KB ID:	190985Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_2021-01-23-18-08-35-64.png Views:	0 Size:	260.4 KB ID:	190986
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    CT the 77 . The CT will raise the level of the stats to near perfect so you will get a much better increase in stats.


    • Turgeon
      Turgeon commented
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      If it were mine ill ct the 76. The beam bonus almost 60% more and that stay the same bfr and after the ct. so 76 look real better imo

    • Grand_Wazoo
      Grand_Wazoo commented
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      I agree...what you want is the highest beam bonus. I would go with the lvl 76 as well.

    • kurtcabage
      kurtcabage commented
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      nope, 76 is better

    Already applied the CT to my 76.. Though the 77 is good, I tested them both, and the 76 (without CT yet) is way better in higher trials.


      Glad you CTed the 76 : ) The 77 would've been a huge mistake... By huge I mean it might easily takes 1000 or 2000 crafts to get a bracer of the same quality as your 76. 30 crafts is extremely lucky - for reference I had a worse bracer last season after doing around 500 crafts, and I'm really happy with it I also had no 76 or 77 frostbeam bracer in these crafts...
      Mage: Anba


      • Benedicto
        Benedicto commented
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        Actually those 30 crafts is part of the legendary unique and set gear I crafted, I'm just lucky this time when I switch in crafting the bracers when after I crafted a level 75, then craft five to seven gear using mithril or enchanted leather, then switch back crafting bracers. Without this, I wouldn't reached TL138 and top 50 as of now.