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My biggest Problem in Trials

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    My biggest Problem in Trials

    I need to figure out a way to get the Boss to come out sooner. Most times almost everyone Is dead before the boss comes out and is usually around 2.5 to 3 mins then around 1.5 to 2 mins to finnish.
    Need a better playing style
    that's at 119 better gear would help higher cl in anb only so much with 1600 cl and 150 synergy not the resources to keep crafting for better gear have to be play style techniques to draw out the Boss man sooner
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    Yes, sometimes you have to spend valuable trial time seeking mobs you might've missed. I hate when checking th minmap and seeing an area over the other side I've missed. Valuable seconds missed seeking the necessary mobs.


      It took me a while to develop an attack style in trials. For me, there are 3 things I try to focus on, rather than running around like a headless chicken haphazardly without a strategy.

      1. I rely heavily on the mini-map as I methodically progress around the main map edges in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction -- without deviating. That includes attacking ALL nook and cranny areas with single enemy or mob presence. As I traverse around the map, I don't backtrack (I will eventually end up where I start--full circle). If I see enemies toward the center, I goad them into attacking me or I directly attack them as well, but I immediately return to the map edge after the kill to continue my clockwise (or counterclockwise) search and destroy strategy.

      2. As importantly, I think, is to be efficient in attacking, I rely on my use of active attributes to tell me when to use them. Their status icons appear near the upper left corner of the screen to indicate which are enabled at that moment.

      3. Finally, and especially when pursuing CL points in ANB, I really, REALLY try hard to not die in any map BEFORE invoking the boss. This obviously takes lots of practice as you learn to effectively use your gear in combination with the selected attacking attributes. When I have to, I kite my champion to avoid direct enemy missiles and traps. This significantly shortens my time to finally engage the boss while also accumulating the most CL points for the time engaged in the TL map.

      There are other methods, of course, which you could try that best fits your style of play. Part of the game dynamic is this exploration and adaptation of a "best" strategy vs. having none.
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      • Ender1970
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        Is there a time penalty for dying? Or any other penalty besides the disruption in fighting and the mobs dispersing?

      • WarriorSeven
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        There's no imposed game time penalty, per se (I think at one time there was years ago). But as you infer, the biggest time hits by not vanquishing the enemies at the getgo are: the accumulated recovery/reset time from your dying, plus the dispersement time of the attacker(s), plus the time to re-chase and/or regroup them.

        It's sometimes difficult to appreciate how much gameplay time is utterly wasted when you are not efficient in the kill in the first place!

      • Zizzle72
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        The penalty when you die is your enemies get a percentage of health back

      I have been clearing the map from start to back sometimes I forget the nooks and have to double back. Been Gathering or sucking in largest mobs I can along the way think sometimes mobs are too large and take while to finnish.
      Being able to afford boosters for the whole event makes a difference in trying to get high CL so strong enough 12 hrs 24 booster 200 gems a pop alot of gems 9 hrs 18 boosters then 6 hrs 12 boosters need a good gem supply. I get the 100 gem a day deal every month plus the daylies but still not enough gems to cover cost of everything so have to buy a event package that has gems and boosters depending if it is a pay week for me lol
      so Bronze least gems then silver will use more and gold go all out for gold I get the bounty package with booster gems and master crate around 40 dollars


      • Ozymandius
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        Having to double back to pick off smaller mobs is a real time suck. It is better if you can pull those smaller mobs in as you move through the map. Take WarriorSeven advice and key one eye on the mini-map as you work through the trial.

      Originally posted by TrentRiver View Post
      Being able to afford boosters for the whole event makes a difference in trying to get high CL so strong enough 12 hrs 24 booster 200 gems a pop alot of gems 9 hrs 18 boosters then 6 hrs 12 boosters need a good gem supply. I get the 100 gem a day deal every month plus the daylies but still not enough gems to cover cost of everything so have to buy a event package that has gems and boosters depending if it is a pay week for me lol
      so Bronze least gems then silver will use more and gold go all out for gold I get the bounty package with booster gems and master crate around 40 dollars
      I believe you are playing warrior right now. When you are playing warrior decently? The free experience boosters are sufficient to clear CL 1800 as it takes 2-3h to clear CL 1800 with a warrior though some do it in less than 2h and the best do it in just over 1h. Mages can do it in less than 3h.

      Clearing CL 1800 in 3 hours does not require spending gems on anything but unlocking the hero when running a hero.

      These are the kinda results you are looking at to be competitive for Top 100 in Master. Top 100 in Master league does not require spending any real money or even an obscene amount of gems though sucky players like myself find it the only way to be competitive.
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        You are good with the info
        Helps keep perspective
        i will never be at top because brain damage i will be happy with above average lol around 250 to top 100 is my goal
        thanks again
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          Wow...finally a great start, 3 green bar blocks at 2 minute check, middle part going well, cleared about half the map, time is good, this one could be it, plenty of time for the boss in prospect, moving to the !ast fogs, rounded up a niced size mob, Crit procs , beam..... and.....BAM !!! get hit by a Zitty Zigzaging Zpeedrun Zuizide Zombie... DEAD.....not once, ,,,but twice,,, 3x..<and always spot on your Critbeam] forget it...yet another failed map
          Love those Zombies....
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            Happens so often can't even get out of the way just watch it happening. I have problems moving around Dragon hard to find a spot to touch on tablet to move and get burned trying to get out of circles and in position to fire. Need to get back on computer to play probably easier to play. My tablet is 12 inch and really nice but not a computer and playing on my 50 inch tv


            • Gargos
              Gargos commented
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              I take it your problem is with the Broken Dragon, and it's lava/fire pools. Dragons are hard. You have to watch carefully when a fire/lava pool forms and move casually. It becomes fairly easy to avoid the pools after a while. Then you can focus on attacking the dragon. With a warrior, Leap and Storm of Swords helps when you avoid the fire/lava pools. This dragon becomes fairly easy for a warrior once you understand how it attacks,and how you can avoid the attacks.The big fire blast can be easily avoided once you see when it's going to come. You need to have osmosis enchantment on your helm, so you can wear the boss monster down.

            • Vedova
              Vedova commented
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              It's the Broken Dragon in TL 117, but in TL 119 it's Garm. Gargos has provided good advice for the Broken Dragon. For fighting Garm, it's important to understand how to use the blue and gold circles to your advantage.

            Thanks Vedova, I misread. You're right about Garm, in particular the healing blue circles. What a strange creation is this dragon, bizarre. The problem playing warrior against it is the inability to parry it's magical attacks, parry working only against physical attack. So you need to lure it, spawn it, if you can in a narrow area where the circles overlap. Ideally the neck of an isthmus. Speed is vital in moving around the attacks and finding the safety of the blue circle for the nova. Once again Leap, charge and SoS are your friends in attack. I find Garm the hardest boss to fight using the 6 J build. No Leap, Charge or SoS.


              TrentRiver - While improving play style is always a good thing to do, you might also benefit from improvements to your crafting strategy. With the right gear, you can farm TL 105 for both XP and crafting materials. This involves repeatedly doing TL 105 in 90 seconds or less to make efficient use of your boosters and get drops to salvage for essences and MoTs. As you build up your supply of crafting mats, you can begin to upgrade to the gear you will need for higher level trials.

              I have a crafting strategy based on stages:
              - crafting gear and making use of drops to get to character level 70
              - crafting gear to get to at least TL 40 to get custom ephemeral boxes
              - using custom ephemeral boxes and some additional crafting to get to TL 105
              - extensive farming of TL 105 (or highest TL I can regularly finish in 90 seconds or less) for XP and salvage
              - crafting better gear as materials become available & gradually taking on higher TLs

              Rather than using gems for boosters, if you get some crafting crates early on, this will let you craft rare and epic gear that will help you reach character level 70 quickly. Along the way, you should be able to salvage enough to craft better weapons and a few other bits of gear that will take you to at least TL 40.
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                Thanks Vendova I am pretty much doing that now or close to it lol after you get Kara do you leave or stay for clean up and experience because clean up takes time


                • Vedova
                  Vedova commented
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                  I think finishing TL 105 as quickly as you can, exiting as soon as you kill Kara, makes most effective use of playing time and XP boosters. If you keep needing longer than 2 minutes to finish TL 105, I think it's better to drop down to a lower level that you can finish in ~90 seconds and then work up to TL 105.

                I see these players finishing 119 in less than a minute but stop at 119 in anbs and it confuses me why they do not go farther if I could I would even without all the medals they have lol some have over 60 medals and still do not move up man I wish I could play that good
                It bothers me not to have the technique to clear that fast
                My armor and weapons are never at 77 lack of materials and gold lucky if I get 1 to 76 or 77 and my cls are rarely above 1800 which is why it takes 4.5 mins at 119 lol also only 2 training slots to upgrade with to cheap for 900 gems for 3rd if not keeping character
                I will get bored soon at just try to beat 120 for the hell of it lol probably take 7 mins if i actually beat it to keep spending gems and sometimes a few bucks only to stop at 119 its not me


                • Travis | Support Mgr.
                  Travis | Support Mgr. commented
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                  For what it's worth, we plan to change the rewards for the lower brackets to make moving up more enticing.

                Thats cool
                i jut want to play better and advance before my good old brain wont let me want to play video games while i still can putting off tv couch potato for as long as as possible lol
                ​​​I don't like making excuses but my burning stinging numb brain is about 60 % of my problem the rest old age well 60 lol this game does help ŵith my brain activity permanent brain damage sucks but video games awesome lol