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Stats decrease when leveling up

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    Stats decrease when leveling up

    As titled, what is the deal?
    Last edited by Travis | Support Mgr.; 01-06-2016, 04:45 AM. Reason: Stickied, because I get this question all the time.

    Not sure on specific stats. But I do not change any equipment, and checked my stats immediately after leveling up. And my toughness, recovery and damage all decreased by 400. It happens every time I level up.


      Took pictures on my cell phone.

      Damage decreased
      Power increased
      Life increased
      Critical rating went up one point but decreased 1.5% chance per hit

      Damage went down 384 points
      Toughness went down 1002 points
      Recovery went down 49 points

      Damage per hit went down 60
      Crit % went down 2%
      Life went down 25

      These were the stats affected every time I level up. And they are effected the same amount every time I level up.
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        Certain stats depend on the monster's level. For example, 10 points of armor would give you ~50% damage reduction against a level 1 monster but way less against a level 60 monster. But, as you level up, you will find higher level gear which gives you more armor points.

        The same applies for critical rating: 5 critical rating would give you a high chance to critically hit a low level monster but it won't increase your chance by much against a high level monster.

        Some stats don't depend on the monster's level (vitality, attack speed, block/dodge/parry chance)

        Hope this makes things clearer in a way.


          Ok, I understand that. But why does my damage and life go down when leveling?
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            Your life doesn't go down but your toughness does (toughness is a function of life and damage mitigation from armor and other ways to mitigate damage). Since your armor mitigates less damage because you'll encounter tougher monsters, your toughness decreases a bit.

            Same for damage: you need more critical rating & power against higher level monsters.

            Anyway, once you get to max level your stats will only go up when you acquire better gear.


              Don't worry about it... I was the same way but when you hit lvl 60 things go back to normal. You will see your dps go up with small upgrades. But work on getting to 60.. then things get better.
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                Lost damage and toughness on level up

                I happened to notice my damage went down by about 300 and toughness by about 3000 on level up.

                Playing a mage.

                Leveled from 53 to 54.

                No other changes were made. I just opened up the char screen immediately before and after level up because I wanted to see if my stats went up from leveling.


                  Check out


                    minions levelling up (down actually)

                    i noticed that minion's skills decrease when they upgrade.

                    i did not keep track of every level but i noticed that every time.

                    for instance i have 2 Maggies:

                    level 40: toughness 44592 DPS 2946
                    level 60: 35090 - 2929

                    i find that quite surprising, especially considering that under the exp bar it is written "levelling Up gives maggie +X life, + X dps, +X armor"...

                    why are skills decreasing then?

                    thank you
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                      It's because the thoughness is calculated for level 60 enemies for your level 60 mage, level 60 monsters hit harder
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                        Check your equipment. Their stats correlate to what you're wearing I think. Never had that problem.
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                          M&M (supposedly) uses a system where higher level monsters "resist" your stats better. This is reflected in your stat breakdown by showing that having X Armor/Power/etc. has a lower effect for higher level heroes. What you are seeing is that your low level Companion receives a share of your level-60 stats causing it to have a performance that's unreasonable for its level. The listed damage&toughness can only be applied on lv.40 monsters, and you would also deal more damage to those.
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