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BASIC TROUBLESHOOTING - Please read before posting your problem

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    BASIC TROUBLESHOOTING - Please read before posting your problem

    Please read through this post to see if your issue is addressed before posting. Thanks!
    • Problem: The game won't load (i.e. stuck on "checking for content updates"), I'm seeing crashes, I have no sound, my game is acting funny in some way, I am getting a Marmalade error that mentions not being able to open a file or assets are missing, or my graphics look bugged.
      • Solution: You may have some corrupted game files, so please try the following (in order):
      • Android/Amazon:
        1. If you haven't already, create an Eternium account using the "create account" button on the left side of the game's main screen.
        2. Open your app manager and find Eternium.
        3. Force close the app.
        4. Clear the app data/cache.
        5. Uninstall the app.
        6. Restart your device.
        7. Make sure you have a stable network connection.
        8. Reinstall the app.
        9. Launch the game and login.
      • iOS:
        1. Force close the app by double-tapping the home button on the front of your device, then sliding the image of the game upward.
        2. Remove the app.
        3. Restart your device.
        4. Go to the App Store and reinstall the app.
        5. Launch the game and login.
      • Windows:
        1. Open the start menu.
        2. Go to settings>apps.
        3. Search for "Eternium" and click on the result.
        4. Click "advanced options".
        5. Click "reset".
      • Steam:
        • Clear your Steam download cache by opening Steam, then going to "Steam" at the top, then "settings". Under "downloads", you will see the "clear download cache" option.
        • If the problem persists, try deleting the local Eternium files:
          1. Exit Steam (if it's running).
          2. Open your File Explorer.
          3. Navigate to your locally stored Steam files (usually located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common).
          4. Delete the folder named "Eternium".
          5. Restart Steam and launch Eternium. It will take longer than usual to start as the local files are reinstalled.
        • Also, ensure that you have the Steam Overlay enabled by going to Steam>Settings>In-Game>Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game.​
    • Problem: My game keeps crashing.
      • Solution: You likely need to free up some RAM. Try restarting your device to free some up quickly. If that doesn't help, open your app manager and close any unneeded apps or processes that are running in the background, then restart the device.
    • Problem: I'm seeing a "heap 0 out of memory" error.
      • Solution: This is caused by a memory leak. The best solution is to close the game and clear the app cache, then try not to leave the game running for extended periods of time - close and relaunch the game every now and again.
    • ​Problem: I can't find the SECRET CODE for the chest in my mailbox.
      • Solution: Check the SECRET CODE! section of the forum.
    • ​Problem: I got charged for a purchase, but didn't receive my goods.
      • Solution: First, try using the "restore purchases" button found under "more..." on the main menu. Be sure to use the device used to make the purchase. If that doesn't help, send an email to with a screenshot of your receipt.
    • ​Problem: My game was reset! I had heroes, but now they're gone and I have to create new heroes or play with heroes from an old account.
      • ​Solution: Please use the "support" button in the game's options to send us an email. Please include the name of your missing hero(es). Or, if you're an Android user and you've made a purchase, we can use an order ID to find your old game data.
    • Problem: The game keeps crashing when I try to start level 4.
      • Solution: When you first install the game, you are only downloading the first 2 levels. The remainder of the game is installed when you start level 3 and 4. So, you need to be online for a few minutes in order to start level 3 and the game needs to be on your hard drive. If the game is on your SD card, move it back to your hard drive, allow the updates to completely install, then you're free to move it back to your SD card.
    • ​Problem: I'm getting an error that mentions a "checksum" or something about differing archive sizes.
      • ​Solution: This issue is caused by your network security protocols. Try connecting to a different WiFi network (on a different router) and letting the game complete the updates on the level loading screen before trying to play. If possible, use a friend's network or find a public place with free WiFi (like a coffee shop). Switching to a cellular network (by turning WiFi off) may also work. Note: Simply switching connections on the same network will not help.
    • Problem: I uninstalled the game and when I went to reinstall it, the App Store said it's not compatible.
      • Solution: Just like any app, the App Store app on your device uses a cache and can cache outdated data. Try opening your app manager and finding the App Store app (Google Play Store, Shop Amazon, or Amazon App Store) and clearing the app data and cache. Or, you can just try installing the game remotely using a web browser on a computer.
    • Problem: I'm told I'm offline or my timer has expired when I try to start a level with my event hero, even though the event is not over yet.
      • Solution: Each leg of the event has 2 timers:
        • The play timer, which is how much time you have to actively play with your event hero.
        • The event timer, which is how long you have to use your play time.
    For example, the Gold event runs for 9 days and each player is given 6 hours of play time. You can use your play time however you wish over those 9 days. The event ends when one of the timers expires. In other words, if you play your event hero for 6 hours on the first day of the event, then the event is over for you, even though the event timer may still have 8 days remaining.
    • Problem: When trying to craft an item or part of a recipe, I'm told I don't have enough of a resource (like Gold), but I do have enough.
      • Solution: This is due to the Smart Crafting Assistant feature, which reserves the materials needed to craft each part of a recipe (including Gold). You can disable the Smart Crafting Assistant in the game settings.

        For example, if you have 50k Gold and you're trying to craft an item that costs 30k, but you are missing some essences:
        - tapping/clicking the red anvil button for the needed essence will show a prompt with your options.
        - 30k of your 50k Gold is reserved for the initial item, so you will only have the remaining 20k Gold to use.