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Eternium crashes occasionally in Arena fight, prompting "error allocating" message

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    Eternium crashes occasionally in Arena fight, prompting "error allocating" message

    My 2 problems:

    1. Problem The game crashes occasionally when I am making an arena fight.
    I use Windows 10.
    The Windows app store version of the game writes an "error allocating" message
    The Steam version of the game writes: "Memory execption (11) attempting to access 00000000 (ip=6564F89C)"
    I want to mention that I rarely restart my computer, just once a twice in a month. In the meantime I use hibernation mode.

    What realy frustates me is that all crashed arena fight create always a heavy deduction on my arena score, for example on the following timecode: 2023.10.06 22:48 -32 points. I was fighting a player called "Shion" and would definetely won and earned +1 for the fight.

    So I would ask you to please achive one of the following solutions:
    a) fix the problem
    b) temporary solution: let the artificial intelligence, that controls my opponent take over my character (that should lead to a win for me in most cases.
    c) if both solutions are not easy to achieve please give the arena fight the value of 0 and hand out a new PVP ticket free of charge.

    2. Problem. When I created my account in the Windows version I used the special character " in the middle of my password. Because of this I am unable to use my account in the Iphone and Android version of the game, because both apps say my password is wrong, although the same password works in the Windows version ot fhe app.​

    1. For those new to the game, the current live version of Arena has been and continues to be VERY buggy (crashes, Marmalade memory errors, game not working as expected, etc., etc., etc.). There's so much wrong with it, I'm not sure if it will ever get fixed. Play at your own risk!

    2. Not sure if you tried a password reset. ASSUMING you are using a single profile across all devices, then the following will be your first shot at fixing this. Log into your Windows version, and instead of entering your old password in the field, instead push the "Forgot?" button and follow the instructions for a new password (without the *). Test afterwards on all your devices. If this doesn't work, Travis can assist you later with a reset once he gets online.
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    • Travis | Support Mgr.
      Travis | Support Mgr. commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks for jumping in (as usual)! He emailed me and I responded there.

    I thought "if memory is the issue, maybe reducing some settings will help".
    So I set the "3D-creature limit" to 0% and also the terrain resolution to low. But it didn't help. Today the game crashed twice in Arena fight. The first time the app closed without an error message while retrieving opponents and then again in the arena fight just after restarting the game.


      Same thing happens to my hero (Bounty Hunter). I thought after quitting this game for several years that this problem would be fixed. I was unhappy to discover no changes on PvP, but great graphics improvements on story. It seems that improvement concentration is targeted at those parts of the game. It is so frustrating to get to the top 1%, then lose 32 due to a freeze of the system;definitely not a loss. Over the past month or so, this 32 point loss has happened more than 10 times.