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Talisman of power x fury power bonus

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    Talisman of power x fury power bonus


    With the addition of the power bonus to the fury set, has the power talisman lost its usefulness in this setting?

    I assume that the ToP bonus stacks on top of the other power bonuses (at least you can see all of the power icons at the same time during battles). I have not officially tested this assumption in Training Grounds however. Maybe someone else, like Nhat, has tested it.

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      If you're running with Fire Lily, or using Talisman of Power specifically for the Power boost, then I think it still works. Power's damage boost is constant, and the only "diminishing return" is due to you having more already: +25% at 100% is an extra 25%, but the same +25% at 500% is only +5%...

      My current ANB char have 2452 Power, so that's 1226% damage - Fury Boost double it to 4952 (2476%), and ToP will double it again to 9952 (49.76%) - confirmed they stack in TG, with floating numbers
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      • Aeuai
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        Thanks, Ozymandius and Nhat.

        What I thought was this:

        Before, we used the Talisman of Power to receive 5000 power.

        Now, we receive 2500 power from the 6 fury pieces.

        That is, we receive half the power without using the Talisman.

        In the case of farm (with fire lily, TL 105, XP) isn't there another trinket we can use that can improve the result, like Brooch of Vampirism or Brooch of Purifying Flames?
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      • Nhat
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        Aeuai I think the damage boost from ToP is just too good compared to the other trinkets. The 5000 power gives you an extra 25x your base weapon damage, which boosts everything: standard attacks, Whirlwind, Fury's Tornadoes and most importantly, Fury's Storm of Swords...

        Other trinkets simply add an additional attack/damage, not boost existing attacks. And since they're all "chance", having a chance of boosting ALL your attack is still much better than getting 1 extra attack.

        Charm of QoL could be a potential replacement, similar to how crit builds use it with Talisman of Storms - for the extra trigger of the 2nd attack...
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      • Aeuai
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        Nhat, totally convinced, thanks!

      Lily+ToP or CoQ+ToS are kind of standard choices for warriors. Agree ToP is so good, only ToS is a little better if not using Lily. Would like to use both if they don’t share a timer.


        Yes they do stack, but as said by Nath the bonuses are additive, not multiplicated.

        To give you an idea:

        My Lilly shield warrior has 4500 power from gear. When top triggers, that roughly doubles power so damage goes up by 100%.

        When I add the power bonus from shield block, my power goes up to around 14500. So top going off while shield block is on only gives me 33% extra damage.

        To compare, all my damage is physical, so Tod will give me + 100% physical dmg. Since you get around 100% from gear, that’s a 50% damage increase. And since the ammount of physical damage doesn’t change with the boost, that means I get the same damage boost all the time. So I get worse boosts when Sb is off but better boost when Sb is on. So I can do complicated math to check which one is the better of the two.

        Luckily for you it’s easier since the power bonus is on all the time. So the math to check if top or Tod is better is a lot simpler. Tod gives you 50% dmg increase. For top to add less your power would need to be 10k.

        ofcourse Tod only boosts physical damage, top boosts all damage. Since you probably have a more spread out damage profile (storm of swords is nature dmg for example), the scales would tip even more towards top over Tod.
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        • Kardinaal
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          For people wondering about the complicated math for the shield warrior: I recorded 5 tl100 runs and ran them back stopwatch in hand to get a decent idea of Sb uptime, which is slightly over 45% running my cast speed optimised build (40% faster cast rate, belt of the whirling storm, extra charges from blackguards). This because doing the math with all above variables is way above my knowledge .

          So 45% of the time I do triple damage, 55% of the time I do not. Which puts top and Tod at around equal efficiency. So when I gain another 2k power and ar maxing out my gear, Tod might be slightly better than top.

        • LodWig
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          (storm of swords is nature dmg for example)
          Storm of Swords is Physical damage. Another good source of damage,Tornadoes, is Nature.