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    Parry Rating

    Is there a soft cap for parry rating? Trying to gear up a warrior for 5* build, and was wondering if stacking max parry would help me just run through everything.

    You can check the percentage with:
    Don't need need dropbox to access, you can download it directly. I think the formula and constant values are still accurate...
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      That’s an awesome file Nath. I assume that there would be a theoretical hard cap at 95%, but as you can see, even 10k parry stacked won’t get you there, so it’s kind of a mute point.

      The problem with parry though is, the attacks you don’t parry come through at full force, so you’ll need some form of other defense so you don’t get one shot at least. But in story mode that will not be a big problem.

      For the rest, whirlwind with the belt of the whirling storm will give you a screen wide damage pulse that should insta-blab all enemies. Warlord set would be great for that on a parry build.

      So 4 warlord, whirlwind axe for healing during ww, fire Lilly. For stats: power, xp, gold, parry/movement speed.

      Then you can just run around, any enemy attack you parry starts a whirlwind, and the damage pulse from the belt clears the screen. No need to manually use skills except for some bosses, and jumping to cut corners.
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