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    Originally posted by TheExorcist View Post
    it seems we still used cleave with vampiric set (bleed). Why not change to Rending slash. . (that have grievous wound)?. In other words used frenzy and RS instead of frenzy with cleave

    Any ideas?
    To add Premify's reply, " Grievous Wounds" does not only come from Rending Slash. All attacks when Vamperic Blade set is used provides Grievous Wounds.


      Premify & Adolf thanks for the answer
      Shield warrior Lover i'm afraid
      trial 181 in 9:08 min (Spring Season). can't be worse can't it. O dear.

      brooch of vampirism thing. suddenly not bad. My charm of qol fail at 181 but vampirism success.

      Hv a nice day


        Has anyone tested farming 105 with WW10 and 6j?


          I've tried WW 6J, its also good but not as good as 6F. My fastest so far 40sec but have good average runs.


            Are there any more details about the shockwave bug? Is it a bug on mobile wrongly buffing the damage or a bug on PC wrongly debuffing the damage? Is it only occuring in version 1.5.89 or also in previous versions? Is it messing with the bleeding damage or the instantaneous damage?


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              Editing a comment
              I am not a PC user and haven't played serious PC Eternium gaming except for accepting the rewards from Steam.

              According to Arin, there's some point in the game that Shockwave has Zero damage. Tbh, I didn't know the details of that bug.

              Probably, the best thing to know the truth about it is testing the build at the " Training Grounds", not sure though if that bug shows the details at TG.

            Haha, good old Shockwave, there was a reason it was always my favorite and was the build I used in my warrior tutorial. Glad to see it's being used, good job.
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              Quick question how much AR do i need to get in this build????


                Really like this build.

                Reminds me of the warrior meta in 1.2.65 almost six years ago. IIRC it was 4 Adv/2 Jugg for the CR, CD, and Power bonuses with CR, CD, Vitality, and LOH on everything (no such thing as Celestials then); Frenzy/RS; SW, DT, and BR; Endurance, Celerity, and PI; and three archers.

                Nice to use SW again! Map-shopping seems to be necessary. Been a long time since I was interested in using warrior again!
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                  The videos posted come up as "Video unavailable This video is private‚Äč", all except for TL161.