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6 JUGGERNAUT: The Newly Crowned King in The Leaderboard

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  • adolf_2003
    Good to know that this build just resurrected.

    Hoping you'll enjoy playing 6J, our adaptability being a gamer needs some refresher to widen our knowledge & experience.

    Good luck!

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  • TheExorcist
    6 Jugg??
    ​​​​as Arawn old friend says: it's an old school build.
    CAn still remember when I start join this lovely game: late 2017. That time every new player (including me) try to pass/beat:

    "Trial 98" (one of the most difficult trials)

    My first character? DW 4Adv/2 Jugg. It seems 6/6 Jugg was played even bf I join. erm. I better try it.

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  • adolf_2003
    Juhe sohi meje 2579

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  • r2d2px1
    commented on 's reply
    Can i add u so that i can see ur build, been trying this build on higher tl

  • adolf_2003
    Yeah, this build is actually designed for Push. This guide already assume you have CTs on your build. But when practicing, you can socket some Vit gemstones or use Endurance passives. When already familiar with the build, you need to take out those replacing with Power/CD/CR, then use your training to dodge attacks like a BH.

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  • r2d2px1
    Died plenty of times but it is fun build though, does this build needs vitality???

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  • r2d2px1
    The timing is the most crucial part here

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  • adolf_2003
    Thanks Shintara. Hoping that everyone reading this guide may find it informative.

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  • Shintara
    I love it mate!
    I especially like that you're explaining the difference between what device you use too!
    I've pinned it on our Discord server too

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  • Arawn
    Interesting. It's nice to see an old-school build top the leaderboard. This looks fun to try

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  • adolf_2003
    Most especially to the creator of this build Hegemony

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  • 6 JUGGERNAUT: The Newly Crowned King in The Leaderboard


    Updated (11/04/2023)
    Recent SW bug was fixed using recent version of windows. Try for yourselves and enjoy playing 6J on your PC.

    1. Background
    2. About the Set
    3. Essential Gears
    4. Basic Attacks
    5. Active Skills
    6. Passive Skills
    7. Understanding the Build
    8. Stats Distribution
    9. Enchantment
    10. Playing Technique 11. Players Skill over Device Quality
    12. Video Guide

    1. Background
    Many mobile players have been suggesting to the Developers to split the Leaderboard (LB), between PC and mobile because of issues related to FPS (Frame per Second), until this major discovery of 6 JUGGERNAUT or simply "6J".

    Just recently when the August Season (Season 12) ended, it dominated the Leaderboard, pulled down the previous Top10 PC players from their ranks. The reason, 6J on mobile cleared higher trials compared to 4Warlord/2Fury (now considered previous META). The LB trials ceiling of 6J is yet to be determined as of this posting.

    This sudden change in META, happened accidentally when first used by Hegemony during ANB Gold 15, clearing TL151. He shared his discovery in Discord with a public YouTube video. Then at the start of Ausgust 22 Season, Drakah begun to climb the LB clearing TL163 using the build with only 9CTed gears. We, at Discord began to wonder and started using and experimenting on the build. Gargos using Whirlwind instead of BR or ITZ, while Premify with his Cleave/Frenzy and BR. On the other hand, I use ITZ. Its actually an exciting build to play.

    The most exciting part of the build is that Boss fights, when properly played, ends in seconds. Those fearsome elites when using 4W/2F, are the ones sought after by this build. The higher their hp, the easier for 6J to kill. The hardest part is during the mob phase, the weakest part of 6J is fighting against normal mobs.

    2. About the Set
    Juggernaut 2set gear effect bonus buffs the basic attack skill Frenzy which provides 500 accumulative Critical Damage.

    Its 4set bonus buffs 70% damage to Shockwave and Whirlwind. The Whirlwind buff from the set is already huge but still have to discover where and what skills, attribute, or gear set combinations will be helpful. One of the possibility is its experience farming capability. But recently, its the Shockwave buff that matters the most.

    The 6set gear effect buffs 2100 Power when using Devastate.

    3. Essential Gears

    6Juggernaut set
    Vamperic Blade Set
    Shockwave BoM
    Charm of QoL/Brooch of Vamperism
    Talisman of Storms
    Integralas Mantle or Azure Carnaval Cape
    Belt of Templar

    4. Basic Attacks


    The choice of the players gameplay which will be dictated on how the player manage in tapping the basic skill selection. Adapting to the PC Frenzy/Cleave to benefit from Charm of QoL gear effect adds more damage to the entire build setup by using Cleave/Frenzy.

    5.Active Skills

    In the Zone (ITZ) or Battle Rage
    Currently, I have been testing whats best between the two and still needs in depth understanding of the build to choose which is best to suit my playstyle.


    6. Passive Skills

    Power Infusion (adds 40% damage)
    Lightning Reflexes (2,00 Parry & 400 CD accu)
    Duelist (150 CR & 400 CD accumulative)

    7. Understanding the Build

    The build requires short buffs of Critical Chance to maximize the effect from the Vamperic Set Bleed effect that buffs Shockwave. All these buffs when properly played within the 6seconds duration when maximum stacks from Devastate is attained and aligned with ToS, Frenzy CD, Duelist CD & Lightning Reflexes CD will inflict massive damage from Shockwave.

    Shockwave Bleed is at its maximum when the Physical Elemental damage buff coming from Devastate fuelled Shockwave during the Alignment of all random occurrences including Weapon Slayer enchant. My highest single shot damage when fully aligned is 300+B.

    8. Stats Assignment & Distribution

    Basically, we need Power, Critical Rating, Critical Damage (for Season Push, in AnB we need Vitality more instead of Power) on all gears except the following.

    Charm of Qol/Brooch of Vamperism, ToS, Belt of Templar & BoM

    Fire Damage (for Shockwave)
    Physical Damage (for Devastate)

    Pants & Boots:

    Movement speed

    Balancing of the Stats will be finalized using the 3 Jewelries and the gemstone sockets. Since the build is an Ability based damage source, we need more AR and also haste for faster accumulation of those stacking skills LR, Frenzy, Duelist, etc

    9. Enchants

    Head: Lesser Slayer (against the elites)
    Tunic: Vitality
    Pads: Critical Damage
    Gauntlets: Parry Rating
    Pants & Boots: Movement Speed
    Weapons: Both Slayer

    10. Playing Technique

    In order to succeed in playing the highest of trials, avoiding those normal mobs will be our only option, as of this writing. Change on this statement may happen upon discovering other ways of playing the build, stats Distribution or maybe incorporating gears & skills that might work against normal mobs.

    The first difficult part in playing the build is not in the gaming itself. Its the choosing of the right map for the build to work well. We need the least obstruction and large elite density, the reason for map shooting/shopping is essential. So far, the best map I have chosen to play is the snow map. This map have many normal archers, ghost & summoners that are difficult to fight, but snow maps are mostly large maps with dense population of elites. All of my successful trial runs from TL157 - TL163 were all snow maps. The reason I named my ANB Bronze 18 character "Snowman".

    Dying is one part of the strategy to immediately reset the normal mobs aggroed state. It will allow us to control our companions from following those aggroed mobs. Decision making during the runs must be fast, using the mini map helps determine our location relative to the elite default formation. Since we can't fight normal mobs without dying, we need to synchronize our Procs and Shockwave stacks to our survivality on our runs, companion stuns also helps survivality.Taking those elite at a time & luring them to some clear spots is one of my strategies against elites.

    Before spawning the Boss, clearing the Boss battle site is essential, aggroeing all mobs within the site will be cleared after Boss spawns. Also, before the last mob to spawn the Boss try to remember the last time ToS Procs in order to time the best moment to attack the Boss. Take note, once you attack the Boss before all other Procs aligned, will be a failure for Shockwave to maximize its damage.

    11. Players Skill over Device Quality
    One of the most noticeable improvement using 6J is that it doesn't need a very high quality device to improve our gaming performance. If you notice on my video, although my phone FPS capability is low (60FPS max), it didn't drop to lag, compared when using 6Fury or 4W/2F that it drops as low as 14FPS.

    This is my way of playing the build, others may have different ways of playing , but its best for me to choose where I am comfortable to play my game.

    Please leave your comments below if I have missed important points in using the build so I can add or delete parts of this guide.

    Many thanks to our colleagues from Discord who inspired me to do this guide.

    12. Video Guide (Will soon add more videos)

    6J Boss Fights TP151-155)





    TL 161



    TL 159

    TL163 Strategies BR build
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