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Clearing train but not even getting 1 star

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    Clearing train but not even getting 1 star

    This has probably been addressed before. I am on Level 62 and only need 2 stars to advance. I have re-played all rooms with available stars and it seems each time I try, I cannot even get to one star. Since tickets are almost impossible to come by anymore (unless you buy them with real money), can someone explain why the powers that be do not want players to advance. I know its because they want us to pay to get ahead, but as I have stated before (here and in other forums for other games), I will NEVER pay to play a game.

    From the FAQ:
    How do I get 3 stars?
    There are 3 key strategies to getting high scores:

    1. Find the objects listed on multiple-object cars first, when possible. Here's why: As soon as you find the engine object, each remaining boxcar is worth 10,000 points. Multiple-object cars let you find multiple objects and drive up your combo multiplier while clearing fewer cars -- the more cars left on the train, the better.

    2. Clear all bonus-object cars. Any time you find 5 objects without letting the combo timer expire, you will see a bonus car (it turns yellow/gold). This object is worth up to 12,000 points (if found in the first 4 seconds).

    3. Go as quickly as possible. The longer you take to find objects, the further away the engine gets, which means you'll have to clear even more boxcars to be able to see it. Aside from preventing advancement, finding an object also pauses the train briefly. So, the faster you find objects, the fewer objects you need to find to reveal the engine, meaning you leave more boxcars on the train, each worth 10,000 points (at the end).

    Pro tip: When you have a bonus car on the screen, the train is slowed for 8 seconds. Use 3-4 of those 8 seconds to memorize a few objects to find. This will allow you to find the next few objects very quickly and lock in the next combo, slowing the train again. Repeating this technique keeps the train from advancing, allowing you to find the engine object sooner.


      Not asking how to get 3 stars. I know all that. I've noticed that when I do re-play levels, there are very few (if any) multiple object cars. I always hit those first and try to get all items. My question is why I cannot even get one star after clearing a train with no loss of time.


        Some levels are tougher than others and some don't have any multiple-object cars. Keep in mind, the object of the game is not to find everything on the train. In fact, doing so will hurt your score. You want to find as few objects as possible to reach the engine, which means finding them quickly.