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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Please review the instructions first!

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How do energy gifts work?
    Each player can do the following once per friend, per day:
    1. Send an energy gift.
    2. Request energy.

    Things to remember:
    -Each energy gift is +1 energy.
    -Up to 35 gifts can be stored in your message box until you need them.
    -The MAXIMUM energy you can have in your energy meter is 200. THIS LIMIT DOES NOT AFFECT ENERGY PACKS. If you have 200 energy in your energy meter and you accept 10 energy gifts from your message box, no energy will be added to your total.
    -Once you have 35 messages, your inbox is full and you cannot receive any more messages (energy gifts or energy requests).
    -You can receive more messages as soon as you have less than 35 messages.
    -If someone tries to send you a message and your inbox is full, you will not receive the message and they will not be able to send that same type of message until the next day.

    Each energy gift/request triggers a sequence that yields one gift to each player once the sequence is complete. In other words,
    -If I send you a gift, you automatically send one back when you accept it. So, we both get one gift.
    -If I request energy, you send it. When I accept the energy you sent, I automatically send one back to you. So, we each get one gift.

    The exact flows work as follows:

    Energy request flow:
    1. I send you a request.
    2. You receive the request and send me energy. (send)
    3. I receive the energy and send one back. (accept and send)
    4. You receive the energy I sent. (accept)

    We each get +1 energy.

    Free/Leaderboard gift flow:
    1. I send you energy.
    2. You receive it and send one back. (accept and send)
    3. I receive the +1 you sent in response. (accept)

    We each get +1 energy.

    How do I get 3 stars?
    There are 3 key strategies to getting high scores:

    1. Find the objects listed on multiple-object cars first, when possible. Here's why: As soon as you find the engine object, each remaining boxcar is worth 10,000 points. Multiple-object cars let you find multiple objects and drive up your combo multiplier while clearing fewer cars -- the more cars left on the train, the better.

    2. Clear all bonus-object cars. Any time you find 5 objects without letting the combo timer expire, you will see a bonus car (it turns yellow/gold). This object is worth up to 12,000 points (if found in the first 4 seconds).

    3. Go as quickly as possible. The longer you take to find objects, the further away the engine gets, which means you'll have to clear even more boxcars to be able to see it. Aside from preventing advancement, finding an object also pauses the train briefly. So, the faster you find objects, the fewer objects you need to find to reveal the engine, meaning you leave more boxcars on the train, each worth 10,000 points (at the end).

    Pro tip: When you have a bonus car on the screen, the train is slowed for 8 seconds. Use 3-4 of those 8 seconds to memorize a few objects to find. This will allow you to find the next few objects very quickly and lock in the next combo, slowing the train again. Repeating this technique keeps the train from advancing, allowing you to find the engine object sooner.

    How can I see my message box?
    Click on the "envelope" icon in the header.

    How can I use my power-ups? What do they do?
    There are currently 4 types of power-ups (more coming soon): Super Sleuths, Seekers, Slow Times, and Rollbacks.

    Super Sleuth:Click image for larger version  Name:	uUhSEUD.jpg Views:	1 Size:	1,003 Bytes ID:	47611 Reveals the location of a random object.
    Seeker:Click image for larger version  Name:	BIWhb5T.jpg Views:	1 Size:	1.2 KB ID:	47612 Reveals the location of the selected object. Just click on the seeker, then click on the object you want to see and the seeker will show you where the object is.
    Slow Time:Click image for larger version  Name:	MXRjMdC.jpg Views:	1 Size:	1.2 KB ID:	47613 Temporarily slows the train down, adding 8 seconds. Just click on the Slow Time icon.
    Rollback:Click image for larger version  Name:	QBoCTfu.jpg Views:	1 Size:	1.2 KB ID:	47614 This power-up won't show up until the caboose is almost into the tunnel. Click the rollback icon to pull the train backwards a full FIVE boxcar lengths.

    You can get power-ups a few ways:

    1. Buy them using your tickets. You can do this before entering a level, by clicking on the 'shop' icon, or by taking advantage of bundles when they are offered on the game intro pop-up.
    2. Earn them by completing cities 100% (earning 3 stars on every level).
    3. Redeem them by clicking on links posted on our Facebook wall.

    What are tickets? How can I get them?
    Tickets are the currency used in HX (Hidden Express). They can be used to buy power-ups and charms, or to bypass the requirements for gates. You can get tickets a few ways:

    1. Buy them directly with a payment source (PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, etc.), with your Facebook Credits, or a combination of both.
    2. Earn them by mastering certain cities (earning 3 stars on every level).
    3. Log in daily to collect daily login rewards.

    What are charms? How do I get them? How do I use them?
    There are currently 2 charms available:

    Crazy Combo Charm: This adds more time to the combo meter, allowing you to find objects at a slower pace, but still drive up your multiplier (and get higher scores).
    Super Sleuth Charm: This gives you 3 extra hints per play.

    You do not need to "use" charms. Once you buy them, they are automatically in effect. You can buy them by clicking on the charm icons in the lower-left of the world map, or by clicking on the shop icon.

    I mastered a city, why didn't I get any tickets?
    Cities award various prizes for mastery (not always tickets). Mastering regular cities awards power-ups or tickets, as well as GMs. Challenge Cities only award GMs and Energy Cities award energy.

    I don't see my friends listed when I try to send invites and/or requests. Where are they?
    Possible reasons:

    1. They are already selected. Any time you go to send invites or requests, all of your friends are automatically selected. You can see who is selected by scrolling through the list at the bottom of the dialog. If you'd like, you can un-select everyone by un-checking the 'Select All' box.

    2. The person you're looking for has blocked the app.

    3. You're on the wrong tab. You can switch between tabs at the top of the dialog. Tabs include:

    Friends: This is a list of your Facebook friends that do not play HX yet. Send them an invite or request to get them into the game!
    HX Friends: This is a list of your Facebook friends that already play HX.
    All Friends: This list combines your "Friends" and "HX Friends".

    4. You've sent them a request recently. Each friend can only be sent the following every 24 hours:

    -1 energy gift.
    -1 energy request.

    My friends aren't getting the requests I send out. Why?
    The MOST common cause of this is inactivity; your friends don't play anymore. You can find lot of active players to add as friends in the friend section of this forum and on our Facebook wall. However, this can also happen if you are using an outdated browser or Flash. Visit our troubleshooting steps section for links to the latest versions of the supported browsers and Flash.

    I bought or earned energy. Where is it? How do I use it? Can I save it?
    You can find the energy pack in your inventory. Just click the "+" next to your energy in the header to see it. Whenever you're ready to use it, click the "Use" button under the pack you want to use. Energy packs will stay in your inventory until you use them.

    How does the tournament scoring work? How do I collect my rewards?
    1.Your tournament score is calculated using the following formula: base score+(time remaining*100).

    Your base score is calculated using: 10(1+mulitplier)(number of objects found).

    For example, if you find 3 objects in a row (without allowing the combo timer to expire), your score for that third object would be 10(1+3) = 40, making each combo string (6 objects found in a row) worth a total of 210 points. Each successful combo string also adds 5 seconds to the clock. In other words, finding the bonus (golden) suitcase will give you 70 points and 5 seconds.

    If the combo timer expires at any time, then the multiplier resets back to 0, making the next case worth 10 points.

    So, if you find all 60 objects, don't miss any combos, and have 20 seconds left on the clock, your score calculation would look like: 2100+(20*100)=4100 points.

    2. Your reward for the current week will be added to your inventory (you'll be told what it was) when you login for the first time after the tournament ends.

    What are Golden Miles? How do I get them?
    Golden Miles are used to unlock Journeys and play during the Mile Climb Events. Additionally, each time you play a scene in a Journey, it will use GMs. GMs are also used to participate in Mile Climb Events. There are a few ways to earn GMs:
    1. Buy them.
    2. City Mastery.
    3. Prize Wheel.
    4. Reward Scratchers.
    5. Watch videos (click on the "watch and earn" icon at the bottom of your game screen).

    I watched a video to earn GMs, but I did not receive them. What do I do?
    Ads for GMs are provided by LifeStreet Media. For help with offers that have been completed, but the GMs weren't delivered, you'll have to contact our ad partner using the "?" icon shown in a corner of the ad. Having played a lot of Facebook games in the past and completed a lot of offers for free stuff, I highly recommend you take screenshots showing that you completed an offer. I personally have a folder full of screenshots right on my desktop labeled "completed offers".