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Revamped ANB!

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    Revamped ANB!

    An official post hasn't been made, so I'll make one...

    The event will start on Saturday, 4th of April, 19:00 UTC and will last for 8 days. The event will be available only to players using the latest game client version - 1.4.5x - so make sure you update your client if you want to take part in this event.

    New rules of engagement during the event:
    • All crafting items will be ephemeral.
    • Crafting gold cost reduced by 90%.
    • Crafting material cost reduced by 80%.
    • Celestial cubes have been replaced with celestial transforms.
    • Celestial transforms used during the event will be refunded after the event ends and the transformed items will be reverted.
    • Transforming an ephemeral item to a celestial will remove the ephemeral status from the item, enabling players to keep some of their best ephemeral items after the event ends.
    • An event time penalty is applied if abandoning a level sooner than 30 seconds. The penalty was introduced to discourage certain play patterns we don’t consider fun or fair to the other players.
    Have fun & good luck!

    See for more discussion.