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1.5.95 Release notes

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    Just confirming that the updates are available in Windows and Amazon today - I have updated both. Can't vouch for IOS as I only have an ancient iPad2 and most things are unavailable for that!

    I'm assuming that an update to 1.5.95 is required for the latest ANB event medals to be received. Having seen elsewhere they had been sent out, they arrived several hours later, and immediately after being able to update to the latest version.


      Originally posted by Wispy 2.0 View Post

      1. As it's top of my bug list - the glow effect of Mage staff (This impacts 4 of the 8 Mage staff skins, I can make a short recording to show which ones have the issue if needed)
      2. The portal bug whereby clicking on the portal at the end of level / trial can be very hit and miss as to whether you go through it or run around like a headless chicken!
      Especially the Portal bug, it can be mighty frustrating at times,
      ZOCU NIWI SULA 0935

      Just trying to get my daily CRIT fix...


        I am not an expert how the game works, but I have some practical suggestions that might help in making this game I love.

        1. New players and those reinstall the game much appreciate the game if it can be easily downloaded. The process of installing the game is very difficult for me. It should not be the case to attract more players to play this game. I've been playing this game for more than 2years but still have difficulties on my first reinstallation. Hoping this will be heard.

        2. This recent update of the program create lags, freezes and unposted runs in trials. It is happening both in Season and ANBs. My first thought on this is, the game keeps on checking our internet connectivity which becomes annoying when our connection is not very stable. My suggestion to this is check internet connectivity only before each trial run and after the the trial ends, ex, we cannot play the game in trial when we don't internet connection until its successfully saved to the server.

        If I'm a new player, I would immediately delete the program when it happen to me.

        Sorry for this, but as a game client, we need to play the game smoothly to have good gaming experience. I'd rather compete against cheaters knowing the Devs will check the LB after each event.