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Clear Guidelines from the Developers Regarding ANBs

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    Clear Guidelines from the Developers Regarding ANBs

    We have guidance from the developers.

    Exploits, within reason meaning not directly hacking the game, are perfectly acceptable for ANB events. Players are allowed to get away with murder as long as you do not run more than one ANB hero and have any one hero with more L77 pieces than the crafts by that hero warrant.

    Have a technique to improve your ANB performance that we are not even allowed to discuss publicly? Have at it! They only ban players for crafting "outliers" and leave everyone else alone no matter how suspicious.

    Start planning your tactics for Gold #14 now as it will likely start on Friday.

    Enjoy and good luck!
    Eternium Installation File for Windows

    The files are pulled from the Microsoft Store and are complete. You only have to install the largest .appx file, the one named "MakingFunInc...." if you have previously installed Eternium. If you have never installed Eternium on your Windows machine before, then you must first install the appropriate "Microsoft.VCLibs..." file.

    Have fun.

    Can anybody help me to understand what is "playing time limit" in ANBs mean?
    sorry, this my first ANB, so I don't understand it clearly (may be this because of my bad english ?)
    I can see that ANB event last 8 day, and "playing time-limit" is 9hours. What happening if I just play till run out that "time-limit"? The event will be close to me? And I need to wait till ANB event end and get reward (if i had) later?

    Because im lack of exp and gold in game (gem too?), I fear that if I go to farming and the time-limit come to end, then I will end my ANB event sooner @@


    • Teebs
      Teebs commented
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      The ANB Event will end Monday May 16 (8 or 9 days typically)

      YOUR time (playing time limit) is the amount of ACTIVE playing while out of home town. Either in Story Maps or in Trials.

      Once YOUR time ends (playing time limit) - YOU can no longer run story maps or trials. You will still be able to open your character and craft and upgrade skills.

      Once the EVENT ends - You will no longer be able to run story maps or trials. Crafting will return to full cost. When the Event Ends - there will be a button that shows up - END EVENT. You can then transfer your character to your main account IF you have an open character slot.

    Tin Man , does this mean no more dual-classing? How did you hear this? I still haven't seen anything from Travis or Adrian...


    • Travis | Support Mgr.
      Travis | Support Mgr. commented
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      Dual classing is allowed. Creating multiple event heroes to exploit crafting chances is bannable.

    • Arawn
      Arawn commented
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      Travis | Support Mgr. So dual-classing is allowed but creating multiple characters of the same class is not. Gotcha

    • Tin Man
      Tin Man commented
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      Travis, got it!

      So, if you dual-class to leverage your crafting chances, then you will not fall upon ill will from the developers.

      If you create a crafting hero and do similar crafting and take the same gear to your push hero, then you will be banned.

      Moral of the story? Want to leverage your crafting chances? Make sure you multi-class rather than using a "crafting hero". One is safe while the other will get you banned.