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  • Travis | Support Mgr.
    commented on 's reply
    The way recipes are distributed was changed in a recent update.

  • Blahhh
    commented on 's reply
    Brill, What do you mean by grabbing recipes for gold at 3 hour increments? The refresh period is 24 hours to be able to spend gold instead of gems on I missing something?

  • Brill
    commented on 's reply
    I am still grabbing the recipes for gold at 3hr increments, I've been at it for a while and should be close to collecting them all soon.

    I think my next hurdle to advancing more is figuring out what stats to prioritize. Is there a calculator somewhere that might be able to assist with planning?
    (I think I might give fire lilly a shot next ANB)

    I think I did grab it, I'm assuming that's where I had to enter the "secret code"? I'm realizing how important glory is to unlock those uniques.

    All in all, I'm glad I jumped in, I was able to come up positive on gems actually investing minimal amount possible during ANB and also grabbed a little glory along with a bunch of CL experience.

    If you see and want to share anything about things I could improve, please do! I welcome all constructive criticism.

  • Tin Man
    commented on 's reply
    Brill, I would say that stopping at TL 79 is a good choice unless you are able to shoot up to TL 110 to get both CTs or at least TL 100 for the Glory.

    There really is no rush to advance leagues. The advancement is a one-way path. Veteran is nice because you have access to both CTs and the additional Glory at TL 80 and TL 100.

    Get all your recipes lined up. Figure out which stats you want on which pieces. I briefly looked at your hero and see several ways that your stats could be improved. Not bad at all for your first ANB.

    Question for you, where you able to claim the 200 Glory from the Steam offer? Claim that Glory if there is any way possible that you can.

  • Brill
    commented on 's reply
    Thanks for much again for the detailed explanations with answering each question thoroughly. I appreciate how on-top of everything you are and extremely knowledgeable with everything.

    I went ahead and created an ANB event character with only a couple days left and grinded my character up to CL 791 hitting mage rank 61 in beginners league. I stopped at TL79 because I really don't want to go to Veterans league just yet. I feel I did pretty well, farmed a lot and overall had a lot of fun doing it. I know there are only a few hours left in the event but I'm already looking forward to the next ANB event. Name is "Rocko" on the leaderboards if you're able to see.

    I'm sure I will have more questions as I continue my advancement within the game. I sincerely appreciate all your help with everything so far!

  • Tin Man
    Welcome to Eternium and the Forum!

    To respond to your questions?

    1) Of the things that you mentioned? Only gems are shared between your non-ANB and ANB heroes.

    2) For a Legendary L71+ ELR piece?
    • 3 MoTs
    • 10 Nightcloth
    • 7 Greater Essences per Stat though it become 22 Greater Essences if you use three Stats with the same essence type.
    3) Takes 245 gems to fully unlock a hero, 400 gems for the second Ability Upgrade Slot and 900 gems for third Ability Upgrade Slot. Beyond that? Much depends upon your patience and the amount of gems that you are willing to part with. Spending 1k or so gems is pretty much a starting point. Spending less than 1400 gems and you are clearly gem neutral at worst for the event if you are collecting all five Daily Quests. You get even more gems than that by just playing story and trial levels. Players can rank the Top 25 Master league with 1000 or less gems spent or only make Top 50 with 20k gems spent or even worse. Gem spend will not fix poor play but will like outside of ANBs speed some thing along.

    4) A common mistake for new players is to constantly push trial levels that take them 5 minutes, 7 minutes or even 9+ minutes to complete rather than focusing on farming Champion Levels (CLs). I like to say that if you focus on farming CLs that everything else tends to take care of itself. Experience earned from Trial Levels (TLs) tops out at TL 103 with many players choosing to farm experience and stuff using TL 105 because it is always a snow map and Kara.

    Once your hero is level 70 and you are at TL 8+? The general guides are that you farming the highest trial that you can in around 1:30 or less for mages and hunters but 1:00 or less for warriors. With the six Epic Ephemeral Item Boxes that you get during ANBs that allow you to craft six pieces between armor, weapons and cape, you are able to start farming TL 80+ very quickly as in within around 10 trials run or less. This is especially true when using the Custom Ephemeral Jewelry boxes for XP farming.

    Personally? I ignore the 1:30 guide on the way up to TL 70 to a certain extend because you keep on getting more boxes to add more gear each trial from the ephemeral boxes. I will go up to 2 or 3 minutes without even thinking twice as long as the next trial that I run unlocks another box that allows me to add another critical gear piece. So, do not languish too much at lower TLs because you have an important ephemeral box just ahead of you but also do not constantly run trials that take you 5+ minutes when you should be experience farming.

    Experience on everything. Farm, farm, farm CLs is what it is all about.

    5) No reason to not use a Celestial Transform (CT) on the best items that you wish to keep after the ANB is over since it converts ephemeral items to non-ephemeral in addition to raising all stats to at least near maximum except special effects like the Bracer of Mastery (BoM) bonus damage. There is no reason to not use the CT during the ANB because you will get the CT back when you "End Event" the ANB.

    The CT raises all the stats on the items and adds an additional Vitality stat even if the piece already has Vitality on it. The item is now a Celestial and bound to a specific hero and can be used by no other just like when using a CT outside of ANBs. However, when you end the ANB, the Celestial status is removed, the binding undone and the extra Vitality stat also removed though the boosted values remain.

    See why there is no point to leave your CTs unused during the ANB?

    Conversely? Make sure that you really want to use that CT when you use it. You only get a maximum of two during each ANB. Really stinks to use one of the two on a say level 75 piece because you really think you need the stat boost but only to craft a level 77 later and not have a CT left to save it.

    Something that you did not ask but I will tell you about anyway. There are 104 recipes, blueprints, that are sold by Liana for gold only. Takes 3 to 4 weeks to unlock all of them if you do a typical amount of unlocks each day.

    Have fun!

    Do not be shy asking questions.

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  • Brill
    started a topic Beginner Asking Questions

    Beginner Asking Questions

    I'm fairly new to the game and wondering a few things before I really start jumping into the competitive side of what Eternium has to offer.

    I've currently gotten my crafting to level 50 and am working on obtaining all the blueprints however, buying with gold only is a rather slow process.

    That being said I'm waiting and looking to position myself as best as possible for my first go around with ANB.

    1) Does the gold I farm on my primary character carry into the event when I make my new character for ANB? Just from what I've been reading, I'm assuming the crafting materials, gems and gear inside my stash does but uncertain about gold.

    2) If it takes 15 MoTs to make a piece of ELR gear outside of an event, how much does it cost during?
    - If all costs are reduced, anyone know the exact materials needed to craft a level 71 legendary piece or ELR gear during an event? (I understand essences will be slot-specific)
    - Also, would it be best to save enough to craft the level 77 and do one piece at a time / per event?
    - I'm trying to gain perspective into how much materials are needed if it did take all 70+ attempts to craft 1 level 77 piece of gear, helps set a "goal" to shoot for when farming outside of ANB.

    3) When people are saving gems for events, what's a good range to shoot for? What's a round-about cost of gems to unlock everything needed?

    4) Is it really worth jumping into high trials right away? Is there a lower trial range worth farming out for a while to be more competitive with the top performers?

    5) If you get a Celestial Token to upgrade a piece of gear, do you have to use it during that event or will it stay in your inventory after the event ends for you to use at a later time?

    I peeked around a bit looking for answers prior to this post but couldn't locate specifics.

    Thanks in advance!