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Discussing exploits openly is grounds for a ban (including your game account)

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    Originally posted by Arionthe View Post

    But that is not what is happening here. They are rabbits in a dog race. We are the chumps that fall for the fake carrots.

    Unfortunately I can’t be more specific about it as more details will run the risk of discussing the unmentionables.
    You mean that cheats and cheaters exist? Suspect a several more people have that idea as well but I doubt that is what MF had in mind (but excuse me if so). I wondered a while back what it would take to develop such a "tool" to manipulate the game. If someone bragged about using an "exploit" or hinted at it, or offered to sell it, I could see how that would not be good. This game is as good as we all have confidence in it. I fail to see the point in playing if the only way you can win is to cheat. I also suggested a LB for cheaters only slightly tongue in cheek.

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      I'm sure it would all make sense if you understood Korean.........................
      perhaps the devs need a Korean dev????


        Every ANB I've spent over $300 to see if I could PTW but never even come close. Its always "Korean or Chinese" in front of their names that are in the top 10 -25 for BH and Mage class.


          Hi there. Barring the discussion ("a word that cannot be spoken") will not solve the problem.
          Tell me, people, how will you treat a doctor who, instead of looking for ways to cure a disease, will say: “Let's not talk about the disease”?
          At the moment, one thing is clear! It makes no sense to arrange new ANB leagues without major game changes.

          As usual, I will mention the classic "increasing abyss between PC and mobiles".
          Maybe devs of mobile game will turn their faces to mobile players and hold in future at least one event for the mobile platform only? Elementary - release the version only on GP and access to the event is given only from this version. PC-players also have smartphones, so their interests will not be infringed upon.
          And yes, I have a PC with Win-10, but I will never play Eternium on a PC.
          I also remind of my proposal to rotate medals in different top-places between leagues, so that even inexperienced players can get at least one medal of each type at events.
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            Originally posted by Coda View Post
            In my opinion, one significant reason there is a lot more 'stress' now about cheating, hacking, exploits, and such, is that the game is now hugely pay-to-win...
            However, I predict Devs will keep them due to making a lot of money. The fact that they leaked plans to have them running nearly continuously should tell you something about how much they like them. And by like I mean collect $.
            Give the guys a chance to make adjustments. The last 3 ANBs are all part of one single event cycle. Now that we've completed one cycle, give the guys a chance to make adjustments.


              Originally posted by Nhat View Post

              Explaining kinda infringes in the "not discussing exploits" directive...

              Some of the game's attacks unfortunately shares the same name at the moment.
              • "Stormblade proc" is the "Chain lightning" damage from: Stormblade, Stormgun, enchantments such as Windfurry and Rune of the Storm <= again, normal, just a "same name" thing...
              Yes, I was surprised and confused having chain lightning from a sword or RoS referenced as "Stormblade proc! Now if I can just cast spells as a BH... :-)


                Originally posted by ྿༻Travis༺྿ (Support Mgr.) View Post
                Give the guys a chance to make adjustments. The last 3 ANBs are all part of one single event cycle. Now that we've completed one cycle, give the guys a chance to make adjustments.
                We love this game and have immense respect for the devs trying to keep it clean (so far). We just hope that the hammer will strike on anyone who try to take unfair advantage & make fool of us (we the players as well as you the devs) and Nekro wasn't just a sacrificial goat.
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