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Patch 1.4.11 gameplay changes

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    Well, I use both Arcanist and Havoc.

    After this upgrade my Havoc BH could easily pass a TL122 sticking point and maybe it will go higher.

    But no difference for my Archanist mage at TL124.
    Performance seems actually worse, probably from the nerfing of Arc Lightning.
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      Originally posted by 123Klutz View Post
      Arcanist was already superior to ELR, what are you doing??? make all mobile players rage quit??

      have you actually played Arcanist on mobile?

      Do you know how many gems are needed to cover the gap between PC & Mobile?

      it's ok that you ignore Mobile players in before, but now you are making p2w anbs and seasons, how come you want them to pay, if you don't allow them to win??????
      Já dei a ideia de quem joga em dispositivos móveis poderem acionar as Skils de Ação por meio dos botões, clicando nas Skils... Assim não perdemos tanto tempo desenhando a ação... Conseguindo nos aproximar de quem joga por PC... Mas acho que deve ser muito difícil disso mudar... Uma programação bem liga, sei lá...


        What changed today with the start of season 2? I was farming tier 70 in under 3 mins for salvaged mats.... now it taking me 7 mins and I'm struggling to stay alive. Had to go down to t60?


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          Editing a comment
          Take a look at this thread here:

          that talks about the updates that were pushed through. Trial difficulties were increased as you have found out.

          After reading this comment you might want to delete your post here and post there with any questions. This really isn't the thread for your question.

          Just an FYI.

          My comment here would be deleted right along with your post which is not a big deal.