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Mage - Apprentice Set (dark)

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    Mage - Apprentice Set (dark)

    Last one I promise. ;-)
    After damage types and SCR were added, I wanted to re-write this:


    Primary Attack
    - Thorns (max)
    (Requires Apprentice gloves)
    Shoots 4 piercing projectiles dealing 200% weapon damage each.
    Chance of pierce: 50%
    Physical damage.

    Secondary Skill
    - Arcane Shockwave (max)
    (AOE, range and visuals: dragon's shockwave)
    The hero gathers energy for 2 seconds, then releases a circular wave that deals 10,000% weapon Arcane damage, pushes enemies back a significant distance, then deals them an additional 10,000% weapon Physical damage.
    The spell ends if any movement or action is attempted before completion.
    Base recuperation time: 16 seconds

    Passive Skill
    - Demonic Space-fold (max)
    Whenever one enemy attack deals more damage than 50% of your total HP, damage received is reduced by 50% for 6 seconds.
    Deflected damage automatically kills non-boss, non-elite attackers. When this happens, your HP bar is instantly replenished.



    Each time you receive damage, for 12 seconds :
    Your Regeneration increases by 500 points
    Your Power increases by 100 points
    This stacks up to the total number of Apprentice set pieces equiped (2-6).

    4- Set
    When Arcane Shockwave is cast, it pulls enemies into the AOE.
    Range: Break

    Arcane and Physical damage both increase exponentially to your Vitality and your Armor.
    (Vit*Vit/8M + Arm*Arm/72M)
    Caps at +300%


    Gloves bonus
    Enables Thorns
    Arcane Bolts deal +30% damage to elites and bosses.

    Torso bonus
    Your final Regeneration rate is doubled.

    Shoulder pads bonus
    Nature dmg +100%


    Whenever you kill an enemy, your Physical and Arcane damage increase by 20% for 10 seconds.
    Stacks 5 times.
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    (because tweaking numbers won't be enough)