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Apprentice Set - "One with Nature" revamp?

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    Apprentice Set - "One with Nature" revamp?

    Well I never liked this one but seeing how it got left behind maybe it's time for a revamp.
    First, I never understood what having grass all over has to do with a random immolate and random shield. The other two sets seem to be more coherent thematically so I thought. . .

    2 - Set
    Each time you receive damage :
    Your regeneration rate is increased by 100%
    Your power increases by 100 points
    This stacks up to the total number of set pieces equiped.

    4 - Set
    If your armor total is 4000 or higher, nature spells/attacks get a dmg bonus equal to the dmg prevented by armor.

    6 - Set
    Whenever an enemy attacks, casts an AOE offensive spell or charges an attack at you :
    He/she is automatically slowed, poisoned, deals X less dmg, receives X more dmg - depending on distance.
    For enemies at melee range, X is 50%.
    For enemies at shooting range, X is 20%.
    Casting a fire/ice spell negates this effect.

    As for nature themed spells, I can only think of two moderately interesting ones :

    - Attack: "Thorns". Incorporated pierce and bleed. Think nail gun. More projectiles than Bolt but less dmg/hit.

    - an AOE around the character hitting most enemies on the screen. Would look similar to the warrior's whirlwind; radius 150% that of an upgraded immolate. Wind and thorns. Nearby enemies are blasted away and momentarily stunned. May add bleed. Massive damage. Very long recuperation time. 2-3 seconds commitment (as in frost ray, DfA)

    - Heal: Base regeneration rate and AR are increased by up to 1000% for 5 seconds. Regeneration rate is similarly increased for minions and summoned merloks.
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    Originally posted by CarnivorousDeathParrot.2 View Post
    First, I never understood what having grass all over has to do with a random immolate and random shield.


    • Skyla
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      Lol This was definitely the first thing (now apparently only thing)I was gonna comment on.
      I always seen it as a kind of voodoo shaman look. But idk if I'll be able to look at the same now, I'll be thinking she's got grass all over. Haha
      I do love the set tho, so I'm gonna second a revamp.

    Book of Nature
    Whenever you receive damage there's a % chance of summoning a merlok. This effect stacks up to 5 merloks.
    All merloks summoned receive a toughness and damage bonus from your stats
    For each merlok alive under your control, your Power, Armor and Regeneration are increased by 5%.
    Hehe. . .
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      Ok, something weird. . .

      Spell : Fade to Black (lol)

      Over the next 5 seconds, each second :
      - you lose life equal to 20% your max total
      - a black bolt spawns from you and homes into the nearest enemy.
      Each bolt deals exactly 20% weapon dmg * your max life total
      . . .probably with a dmg cap to prevent absurd vitality-only builds. Maybe an asymptotic cap.
      No critical dmg. . . or with, but then with a different formula and cap.
      Short recovery and no commitment i.e. it can be spammed while running around casting other things.
      Counts both as Arcanist and Nature spell.
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        Cape of Nature
        AR +20%
        Whenever you recover life, your armor and power increase by the same ratio as the HP recovered in the last second.
        Last two seconds. Stacks twice. Caps at 100%.

        Druid Set

        Bleed and poison effects damage is duplicated

        Recovery of spells increases by 100% when healing.

        Set effect
        Whenever you take damage, if "Thorns" is equipped, attack speed increases by 20% for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times.
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        (because tweaking numbers won't be enough)