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BH - Cryogen Set

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    BH - Cryogen Set

    High-tech liquid nitrogen theme. . .


    Passive Skill (just replace one of the generic ones)
    - Cryogen Rounds (max)
    Each projectile: 10% chance of freezing the target for 3 seconds and dealing 1000% of its damage.
    Ice damage.

    Secondary Skill
    - Cryogenic Grenade (max)
    1 second lag before exploding.
    Freezes enemies within it's blast radius for 3 seconds and deals 20,000% weapon damage.
    Ice damage.



    Shatter I: Frozen enemies take 100% more Physical damage and are moderately pushed backwards by your primary attack.

    4- Set
    EMP: Cryogenic Grenade resets and negates all control bars for 6 seconds after landing. During this time window all elites and bosses take 100% more damage.

    Ice damage increases by 10% multiplied by your attack rate squared divided by 5.
    Shatter II: Frozen enemies take 100% more Ice damage.


    Headgear bonus
    Cryogen Rounds chance of freeze is 20%.

    Gloves bonus
    Cryogen Rounds deal 20% more damage

    Torso bonus
    Full Trapper's Belt effect.
    Does not stack.


    Whenever a Cryogen Round deals damage, your haste increases by 5% for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times.
    Shatter III: Frozen enemies take 100% more damage from explosives.
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    Theoretical Modding
    (because tweaking numbers won't be enough)

    Nice, it would give me an excuse to use the 3 procs of Frozen Trap!


      Today, over lunch, I did some math on the phone calculator to look at damage in 1 and 3 seconds and adjusted the set. An Excel model is ideal for this. These are some conclusions:
      • The "full package" set has been calibrated to be on par with Havoc but this parity is uncertain. It would take some time for Molten Belt to catch up but high TL boss fights are long. Other elements are the blast radius of the explosive (should probably be the no less than Frozen Trap) and how each build would handle the mob phase.
      • . . .similar parity and calibration issue between a +Physical dmg vs +Ice dmg build. Assuming Lethal Shot, the first Shatter boost is a very big component of the total damage. The haste boost itself and the choice of BoM make it likely that a physical dmg build will be at least as good.
      • With all boosts, Frozen Trap still contributes little damage and risks being replaced by general buffs like SS. It is to be seen how a fully boosted FT helps with control and speeding up the mob phase. Otherwise, the set would have to enhance it even more or the entire skill would have to be fixed in an update.
      • Possible variants: 2-Cryo 4-Demo, Molten Belt, Physical dmg, 2-Assault 4-Cryo, Hail, Igniters, Tesla. . .
      Theoretical Modding
      (because tweaking numbers won't be enough)