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Havoc / Demo bulid for new players (Gear, attribute, skills... etc)

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  • TheExorcist
    Yes casting order. Thanks

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  • Evergreen
    commented on 's reply
    You mean casting order, right?
    I personally prefer RF + SS + HS

  • TheExorcist
    Excuse me
    how to cast smokescreen proper?
    Based on our ANB LB no 1-5 at least we hv 3 style:

    RF SS Heatseeker
    Heatseeker RF SS
    RF Heatseeker SS

    which one to choose?
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  • Ozymandius
    Evergreen Nice summary! I would recommend active ability build #2 with RF, Magnetic Trap, & Heatseekers for a new player since it is the easiest way to control mobs. It would be nice to highlight bonuses on Havoc Hood and Gloves and on Fire Damage on all Trinkets, Bracer, and Belt. Pathfinder works well early on, but switching to Nimble Fighter is needed for higher trials (e.g., around TL120+ range).

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  • Havoc / Demo bulid for new players (Gear, attribute, skills... etc)

    I don't know it's right place to post (as it's first time for me to post) but as a developer of this build, just made some guides for newbie players.

    For Push

    1. Gear

    Armor - Havoc 4 / Demo 2
    (Head and Gloves should be havoc as they have special effects.)
    For a personal recommendation, legs and pants for Demo would be perfect cuz it has a low glory cost.

    Weapon - Igniters(Torch & Firebug)

    Belt - Molten belt.

    Cape - Integralas Mantle(or Carnaval Mantle).

    Trinket1 - Talisman of Storms.

    Trinket2 - Vial of the Wind Spirit or Charm of Qol.

    Bracer - Bracer of Mastery. (Heatseekers)

    If you use MT, Magnetic Trap BoM also okay.
    If you use neither of them, Rapid Fire or Explosive Shot BoM or Normal Bracer would be the best choice.

    2. Attributes

    Weapon, Armor, and Integralas Mantle
    - Power, Haste (or Ability Rating), Critical Rating and Critical Damage.

    BoM, Trinkets, and Belt
    - Power, Fire Damage, Critical Rating and Critical Damage.

    Boots and Pants
    - Power, Movement Speed, Critical Rating and Critical Damage.

    Necklace and Ring
    - Power, Haste or Ability Rate, Critical Rating and Critical Damage.

    This is just my recommendation.
    Of course, you can change bit according to your stats.
    Generally, more than 7.0 Haste, around 30% AR, 50% ~ 53% Critical Rating, and as high as possible Critical Damage and Power is recommend

    3. Actives

    There are several combinations of actives for this build

    1. Rapid Fire + Heatseekers + Smoke Screen

    2. Rapid Fire + Heatseekers + Magnetic Trap

    3. Rapid Fire + Heatseekers + Snipe

    4. Rapid Fire + Smoke Screen + Snipe

    5. Rapid Fire + Magnetic Trap + Snipe

    6. Rapid Fire + Magnetic Trap + Smoke Screen.

    These are Skill Combinations of current Top 25 players. (Jan 4, 2022)
    You can choose any of them, based on your taste and control style.

    4. Passives

    1. Tracer Ammo + Piercing Ammo + Pathfinder.

    2. Tracer Ammo + Piercing Ammo + Power Infusion.

    3. Tracer Ammo + Piercing Ammo + Nimble Fighter.

    Tracer Ammo is mandatory and Piercing Ammo is strongly recommended, however, you can choose last passive ability based on your taste and control style.

    5. Companions

    - 3 Healers

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