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[1.5.42] Some noticeable bugs so far

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    [1.5.42] Some noticeable bugs so far

    Just updated the game, here's some of the bugs I noticed so far:
    1. Sometimes, tapping the Gate to Adventure in the Hometown needs to be tapped twice to enter, and when a level is finished, you also need to tap the Victory warp hole twice to exit the level.

    2. Toons after casting an ability or after attacking an enemy has a "fighting stance" compared to previous versions that it only stands straight after attacking.

    Click image for larger version

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    Also, interacting to objects in the environment, such as touching quest items/objects, needs to be tapped twice.


      Originally posted by Benedicto View Post
      Toons after casting an ability or after attacking an enemy has a "fighting stance" compared to previous versions that it only stands straight after attacking.

      About the double-tapping, what device are you using. Also, does it happen all the time? Any Android accessibility feature enabled (e.g.: TalkBack)?


      • Grand_Wazoo
        Grand_Wazoo commented
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        Playing on Win10 I have also this issue. Portals are not easily accessible as before. 3-4 clicks for it to work.

      • Benedicto
        Benedicto commented
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        This might be a cause of concern because in ANBs every click that doesn't work adds to the event timer. In gold runs it'll reduce some number of runs...

      • Ozymandius
        Ozymandius commented
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        Adrian (Developer) Happens almost every time in Windows 10 PC. It feels like the active tapping area is smaller than it used to be, sometimes it is in the center of the circle and other times it is near the base of the circle. I think players could adjust if it was consistently in the same place, but the variation in the sweet spot makes a second tap almost essential now.

      Window 10, ethernet stable connection.
      Just launched the update and now I find that there is no connection to the server in the arena or saving in game, added to this not running on my android nexus 7
      looks pretty but at if thsi is the sacrifice, no thank you.


      • Travis | Support Mgr.
        Travis | Support Mgr. commented
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        This can happen on occasion. Close the game and relaunch it to fix it.

      Samsung 8A Requiring Double Tap. Portal, Stash, Salvage, Armory, any thing you have to be close by to use. BUT NOT THE FRIENDS BOARD. But thank you for allowing me to exit it when you do not have internet. Nice graphics but the Scatter +2 IS STILL NOT FIXED. Almost 4 months now. Auto Resume attack has also changed. You can tap right next to a group and you will not attack unless (You guessed it) tap again all the while you are being attacked, panic and find your self in the middle of a mob and DEAD.
      This game is getting more and more frustrating. Well I am going to have lots of free time as I am just going for the daily quests and daily rewards until issues are sorted out AND THE SCATTER SHOT FIXED!!!!
      Now what do we do with are Glories. Maybe they could have been used to open a save slot in the Armory. Or something.

      Michael Garrison