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Stuck on "Wield Your Weapon" quest on main after ending ANB

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    Stuck on "Wield Your Weapon" quest on main after ending ANB

    I started an ANB character, and ended it in the middle of a quest where it was asking me to "Open the inventory" / "Your new weapon is here" and equip Alarion's sword.
    I switched back to my main (a bounty hunter) who is unable to equip the sword.
    The game won't let my main character start any levels, saying:
    Complete quest "Wield Your Weapon" before leaving town.

    It doesn't seem like it's possible to equip the weapon on a bounty hunter though; it's also not possible to move the weapon to another character through the Stash.

    This is a new bug that's only been reported twice (yours being the second). The only way to fix it once this happens is to roll the affected hero back to a date/time before they received the broken quest. So, I'll have to roll Birtik back to 17:02 UTC on the 22nd.

    If you would like me to roll your game data back, please log out using the "logout" button on the game's main screen, then force close the app using your app manager. Once the app is closed, shoot me a quick note to let me know, then remain logged out until you hear back from me.

    Your other option is to wait for the fix in a future update.​


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      Hi Travis, I just got the same problem 5min ago on my mage. Can you roll him back for me please? maybe make it this timestamp minus 15 minutes to be safe. Do you need more info? and I have to log out?