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    I found out about the last ANB while it was half-way through, partly because I don't visit the forum daily anymore, but also because there was a very short notice and no other notification about it.
    As a result I didn't bother with the competitive aspect of it and now I hate knowing that I have to wait another X months before I can aim for 3/4 celestials.

    Seeing how Making Fun is frequently letting me know via (multiple) emails when there is action in Ironbound, a game I am not interested in and only played twice when it provided Eternium deliverables, how difficult would it be to set up something similar for Eternium events, ྿༻Travis༺྿ (Support Mgr.) ?
    I mean, unless the very short notice is intentional for whatever reason (not letting people save gems before the event, being one I can think of), I can think of no issues with letting people know more than a week in advance of the next ANB.

    I'm assuming that the Dev was wrong.

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    Agreed 100%


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      Definitely yes. Instead of launching event, "launch" email broadcast first, or do in-game mail - that way only active players will see it and you're not sending out a million or so emails.
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        I'll be sure to bring this up at our next meeting.


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          I agree wholeheartedly. Good for all platforms would be either regular email or in-game email, and maybe 3 to 7 days notice.
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            I agree with this. It'll be good if we are given a heads up on the next event, preferably a week or two so we can plan our leaves.

            I was fortunate enough to get to know that the ANB was going to be starting because I was still awake and in-game that time (it was midnight for me when I noticed the event and that it would be starting in 6 hours' time).
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