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Expand Transmute to lower level Essences & Gemstones

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  • Expand Transmute to lower level Essences & Gemstones

    (I'm sure this have been raised, but couldn't find anything obvious, if anyone knows where please post link, and Travis, please merge. Thank you)

    Just thought it'll be good if the "Transmute -> Combine" option be expanded to lower "level" Essences and Gemstones.

    Currently, it's only available for Greater Essences and Brilliant Gemstones.

    So in order to keep trying for my max farming gear, crafting Rare/Epic normal pieces, I would have to upgrade my un-needed Lesser Essences all the way to Greater, transmute them, then break them down back to Lesser again... Having the ability to convert Lesser directly would save a lot of time, and Gold

    Thanks for reading.
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    I second that. Some enchants use Level 4 emeralds/rubies/topazes, and I have had to upgrade excess diamonds/amethysts all the way to brilliant in order to convert them 2:1 into something else, and then pay yet more gold to downgrade them again.


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