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    Add "What's New?" menu / button

    Hello Travis | Support Mgr.
    i find it hard for me (maybe others too) to know what happen after eternium got an update.
    example from version 1.5.14 update to 1.5.18.
    what content you update ? what set item or feature you add to the game ? i cannot find all of the update information in the game nor in the forum.

    my suggestion is to add "what's new?" menu or button in the game.
    the menu function is to explain (or maybe a list ok too) of what you update / add in the game. so player can know what is the update impact to their eternium.
    for your info, not every player join this forum nor discord.

    for me, i don't join discord, so idk what you people discussing in there ?
    so it will really help if we have this menu on the game and know what is going on after the update.

    i hope you understand my point
    Guide :

    1. No need to tag me. I read every single post and comment.
    2. I can't add anything to the game. I work for the publisher, not the developer.
    3. 1.5.18 only contained bug fixes for Android 11.
    4. You can usually find release notes on the store listing for the game. Whenever there are major changes (balance, features, content, etc.), release notes are sent or posted (or both).
    5. You should join Discord. Even if you opt to not chat, you can still see what's being discussed.


      Thanks for your answer
      Will take note All of your point

      Point no 2
      Yap in know
      Guide :


        Joining Discord is worthy of your time. Every question you have will be answered live and right away (pro players from different time zones, so it is like 24hrs live). You'll also be able to discover things and walkthroughs you haven't seen (or maybe haven't searched for) here in the forums.
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        • kurtcabage
          kurtcabage commented
          Editing a comment
          Ok now you convince me
          Will download discord soon thanks