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    1) the issue of characters getting STUCK and not being able to move or continue the trial or the story map … so frustrating

    2) the mini map is vital to me, but where I play on iPad, it often obscures things flashing up underneath to do with bonuses and battle info flashing up during trails

    3), characterisation of characters further, so being able to change colour of skin at the very least

    many thanks
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    • Hairball
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      I’ve also got to add this because I it really frustrates me

      The problems I sometimes have when I’m paying for things , usually on ANB or season pass , it keep happening.
      I often pay for something but then Don’t receive it and I often have to send a help message to you (Travis) to fix, which you always do fix as soon as you are able
      I don’t know whether the problem is my or Eternium end but this I do find really frustrating


    1. Eliminate medals, if you want to award something to the best players then implement a new system/award and it only goes to those at the top, not 50 trials behind.
    2. New content. New world and boss, Ragadam as a wild card who can spawn on any trial level.
    3. Bom crafting; change to reflect that in jewelry completely random or for gems select the effect, all other attributes random.


    • Bali_Lenni
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      Sorry, with all due respect and more out of curiosity, I do not understand point #1 - people ranking 51 to 100 or 101 to 200, do often work really hard to get there with a feeling of accomplishment, which I find nice to be acknowledged. Actually the medal system is quite all right, just 1 oppinion o.c., because it makes no difference to actual ranking, but does speed up things in early stage ANB.

      point 2 random ragadam spawn sounds great...

    • papa jim
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      Working hard and achieving are two different things, should we go to the olympics and award all gold medals to the top 3 competitors since they all worked hard? Giving something to those who have not earned it is disrespectful to those who actually competed and deserve the award. I am not one of those, not competitive and have no red medals after years of play. But I do respect those who did and I could look at their character on the leaderboard and know they had invested their time to learn the game. If you want to give the new players something then find something else. Hope this does not offend you, not my intention. I stopped playing/supporting(buying season pass/other purchases) the game over a year ago because of this and although there were some comments that the developers were going to do something different for rewards in the ANB leagues it never happened. Hopefully the new Eternium will fix this and I will support them again.

    • Bali_Lenni
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      Sorry for late reply, the comment did not show up in my notifications.
      No offence taken at all. I agree very much to the part of respecting the true top players and giving achievement rewards other than medals sounds like a viable option. For me it is maybe a similar situation, playing for about 2 years, always just short of that first red medal. With the new 3 leagues, suddenly everyone has plenty of red medals and at first I did feel a litlle bit left out in the cold, but then again the blue medals still sort of show if someone has been playing for a longer amount of time. So I do agree the whole medal \ AnB \ league reward system should be revisited and provide a satisfying solution to truely competent players, long time players, and new players at different stages of their path.
      Thank you for your explanation and time given.

    1. Eliminate the sequential accomplishment requirement of some quests. E.g. Kill Adam, kill Bill. If you kill Bill first, then kill Adam, you don't get credit for killing Adam and have to run the map again.
    2. Make internal calculations and displayed values the same. E.g. In jewelry crafting, you display rounded values. For jewel fusing, you use truncated values. Ether round, or truncate. I don't care which. But do the same in both places.


      1. Add some special "challenges" to each ANB to mix things up a bit. For example, one challenge might be that all competitors can only play a single wield Warrior for that event, or specify a particular gear set that is something other than the current meta (e.g., all competitors must play with the old Adventurer gear set or use only epic level gear), or have a "live off the land" event without any crafting allowed. Options like these are often played through player-designed Discord challenges, and they offer a break from just playing the meta over and over again. I also like the idea of offering a special ephemeral gear piece for each ANB event, such as an ephemeral Legendary level 77 weapon with competitive stats or even boosting the ephemeral Epic gear boxes up to ephemeral Legendary gear boxes.

      2. Change season format so that each new season is played with a brand new hero, more like what happens in an ANB. Season competitors would select a new hero that does not have access to the account's existing gear sets, and that hero must build its own gear throughout the season. Currently seasons are more about what gear that you already have than about what gear you can build, and for new players that makes season competition feel grossly unfair. In general, devs need to find some ways to reduce the amount of effort needed to build a competitive hero so that new players don't drop out of the game before they learn enough to be competitive.

      3. Get rid of medals. They create the false impression that you have to have medals to compete. People played ANBs competitively long before medals came along, and they will continue to play competitively without them. Medals are probably one of the main reasons that new players drop out of the game; they feel like they cannot compete with older players who have a chest full of medals. At the very minimum, place a cap on the total number of medals a player can use. Right now it is a treadmill since experienced players continue to earn more medals creating the impression that a new player can never catch up.

      Some good ideas presented in this thread, but the challenge is to keep experienced players, who most likely have plateaued and getting bored with meta play, while also giving newer players a chance to get competitive sooner. If older players quit playing and newer players drop out then the game cannot continue.

      Things to keep include: ANB events, season gem banks, CT rewards for reaching trial thresholds in ANBs, and work on bug fixes.


      • Bali_Lenni
        Bali_Lenni commented
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        Concerning point 3:
        Maybe putting a cap in the form of a 1 year expiry date (any medal older than that disappears). Tempers the false impression demotivating factor and reflects the recent activity of a player

      • Heikki Gross
        Heikki Gross commented
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        2. It is the season for a reason. What you are suggesting is a longer version of an anb. It takes a long time to push peak trials and finetune your gear, having to do it all over again on new toon does not feel that appealing.

        3. You said it yourself, its a false impression, why should anything be removed from the game on false impression. If you delete medals and newbs still cant cope, they will find another thing to blame. Any new player can get to top 25 in a few months of play, that is a fact. A handful of fresh medals will give you a big chunk of the stats already at low count. Then you will hit the diminishing returns and adding medals is more trivial than ever. Medals are hard earned for vets and removing them is the last thing one should do.

      • Ozymandius
        Ozymandius commented
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        Heikki Gross Thanks for your feedback. I respect your position as an experienced player. For me, the season has just become running the same old tired meta build up a trial or two, but maybe that is because I plateaued a long time back and don't get much enjoyment out of running the same trial 20 times hoping to get the lucky map that will allow me to move up one more level. I suppose that I have become a bit jaded, though not enough to quit the game. I still enjoy ANBs but looking for something new.

      Here's something: I'd like to be able to see how much time is left to finish an upgrade for all my characters on the character selection screen. Or at least be able to easily see if an upgrade has completed without needing to log into each individual character. It would save the trouble of needing to track it all in a spreadsheet.


        Hello everyone
        in my opinion
        1 - some more use for glory (box marks of titans, xp boost 400%...)
        2 - Return to the old in the zone, with reduced cooldown.
        3 - multiply by 10 all stats of the battlemaster set.​
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          1. Provide some means for a character to get unstuck. With a warrior, I can simply Leap to get out of the problem. But Bounty Hunters and Mages have no such means.


            RESTORE THE SIDE-QUESTS to the Main Story

            They make NO SENSE - as has been pointed out before - in the sequence of only having them after completing the Main Story. The Rewards ONLY make sense when they are part of the original story line.

            ... KTB


              I'll add my 0.03$, after all this time playing:

              1) because Arawn said it perfectly: "Revert the alacrity nerf and eliminate the global cooldown. I want to use my abilities, not just basic attacks. Using abilities makes the game fun to play. Why on earth restrict that"
              To be clear (and because the new team developing E may not have all the hindsight, alacrity was once a 30% chance for an attack to reduce 2s ​from your ongoing cooldowns. Then it became 20% chance, then only 1s per proc... then when Arena was released, skills had their cooldowns halved, but the effect of Ability Rate was also halved - yet the Alacrity effect was *also* halved (poor math perhaps). So now it's 0.5s per proc.
              Waiting to time the Talisman procs makes for good strategy, I agree. Having your timed procs go to waste because crucial skills are still on cooldown, that sucks.

              2) add the 4th skill gesture (so <, >, V and ^ on mobile) and make potions/apples autocast.
              I strongly feel a 4th skill would immensely help build diversity and fix some balance issues, notably Arcanist and (as I perceive things, but haven't played it) Defender.
              At the same time, having potions and apples automatically cast on some configurable HP level would reduce the frenziness of mobile gameplay and slightly boost the survivability (read: chances to survive one misclick or wrong detour around a rock) in peak trials.

              3) get rid of the drudgery. Simplify daily quests to 20 free gems on the first 5 levels (any levels/trials), for example.
              THese are grinding games, true, but given that Eternimum has a strong mobile appeal, I feel it should more "fluidly" adapt to one's real life. Makes no sense to have to run Story levels for the same "silly" quests (and pressed for time, choose between those and Trials), when what is being rewarded is just my continued interest in the game.
              Crafting mastery too I think makes no sense as it is, force people to use a macro or develop carpal tunnel syndrome for something that is a de facto requirement if you want to play more seriously.


              • Arawn
                Arawn commented
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                Thanks for expanding on the calculations. I can't keep up with that and I didn't want to go digging through the archives

              I haven't played the game nearly as long as some people here so I feel my thoughts might be coming from a different perspective but I wanted to share nonetheless;

              1) Make the loot auto-picked up as soon as the mob is killed instead of waiting till after the level is complete. It's super annoying trying to grab loot before level completion and it also feels like a waste of time waiting for it to fly to you after the boss has been slain. If it's auto-gathered upon kill then all you're waiting for after the boss is killed is the loot which also brings me to my next suggestion....

              2) Fix the exit portal so it's easier to interact with. It's VERY frustrating trying to click on the portal only to walk in all directions around it but never entering. I've attempted to locate the "hit box" so many times and after thinking I got it nailed, I'm later met with more frustration.

              3) Get rid of the legendary loot boxes or make them level 77 items instead of 70's. Thankfully I dodged a bullet by researching these prior to purchase but they're basically food for salvage and shouldn't be able to be purchased with real currency. I think at least adding "Resulting in perfect/near perfect level 70 item" to the description of that box provides enough clarity to allow the purchaser to not feel miss-lead. The transparency is currently absent and feel miss-leading.

              These are written in order of priority.


                I would like the store fixed so that it asks whether or not you wish to purchase an item as sometimes when moving through it I find I have purchased items. Thankfully this doesn't happen on pay items just the in game purchases.

                edit. To clarify a dialog box asking yes or no when ordering anything from the store would be helpful.
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                • Travis | Support Mgr.
                  Travis | Support Mgr. commented
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                  This is in place above a certain threshold. Adding confirmations adds clicks/taps, which can get frustrating.

                • Bali_Lenni
                  Bali_Lenni commented
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                  Having had the same problem and a few accidental purchases (never real money,, gpay disabled) in ANBs mostly.....The trick is to scroll with 'scrolltap" on the actual item, then at the worst you trigger the description of the more accidental purchases on mobile :-)

                • ssjwoods
                  ssjwoods commented
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                  I will try the scrolltap and see if that helps, thanks.
                  I understand your point about adding extra confirmation Travis, I appreciate everyone's response.

                I would love to see:

                1.) When purchasing from store (whenever, not just during ANB), ALLOW to make more then one purchase at a time. If I want to buy 2 or more items, I don't want to have to go through the purchase progress more then one time. I would love to see being able to buy in game gold during ANB as well. I have plenty of gold in my main accounts but getting gold during ANB is a pain, especially when I don't need the items for sale, just the gold.

                2.) Fix the problem of spawning in a place that gets you stuck after you have played the location 5 times.

                3.) Clicking on the exit portal is too frequently a problem. Especially if you are on a xp buff and running trials.

                I really enjoy the format of the game and am happy playing it. Some fixes would be lovely. Thanks for asking for our input.
                ZANO QUQU HIMA 4014


                  Assuming that the very long list of known bugs, glitches, grammar, spelling and translation errors are already on someones to do list them...

                  1) More use for glory

                  2) Leaderboard split between mobile and pc

                  3) Even more storage (even if it has to be paid for)


                  • Tin Man
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                    Arawn The only split on the leaderboards is the ANB leagues that are set by what maximum trial level has been run on an account.

                  • Arawn
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                    Tin Man I know I'm not delusional... There was an entire conversation about it and questions about playing on both platforms and the response being that the leaderboards would only record progress from the type of device you started the season with or something like that. I can't find the thread. I guess it was never implemented?

                  • Tin Man
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                    Arawn Yes, the issue has been discussed ad infinitum and I remember the thread that you are thinking of. There was even a time that they attached the wrong leaderboard to an event, I want to say a season but do not remember for sure, and that leaderboard seemed to be separated based on your device type.

                    Separation other than by highest trial level ever completed has yet to be done. Just take a look at the player developed Github leaderboard tool and you will see a mix of devices.

                    Leaderboards of Eternium game events

                    Separating by operating system would be fundamentally flawed.


                  My Eternium Experience of 4+ years, things I would like to change:-
                  1. Jewlery crafting, this is a huge inefficient time sink. Charging gems for specific stats is fine, however the results are not. You spend a lot of gems for trash stats. Please reduce the range variability.

                  2. The random start spawn locations in Story mode, whilst I understand this is to reduce the chance of bot play, I am forever getting randomly put up a tree or in a ring of fire or up a rock, you get the idea. Even more frustrating is that when restarting the map, it happens multiple times in a row.

                  3. The random spawn locations blocking the completion of challenges, turbo frustrating.

                  4. Arena - agree with above, delete it.

                  5. This one may be wishful thinking - less need to grind as much gold in AnB's, its just tedious.

                  6. As mentioned before, better resources in purchasable packs. This was something that was changed when I and many others pointed out that is was cheaper to buy a gem pack as opposed to a Titan pack when it was 20 Books of Learning, 1 Legendary Crafters Crate, 3k gems and I think 5 200% booster and 1 mil gold. We do miss the 1mil gold.

                  7. Misty Island - I have so many keys, I don't know what to do with them. Maybe some new islands that keys could be used on. Or a multipler key admission that multiplies the difficulty and rewards.

                  8. The Gauntlet - little bit underwhelming and is AFK play.

                  9. Would love to see some new challenges, new rewards, new difficulties.

                  10. Would love a new event, the lunar event a few years ago was the only difference we have had.


                    Suggestions from various players posted on Discord:

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Suggestion - 01.jpg
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ID:	216225

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Suggestion - 02.jpg
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ID:	216226

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Suggestion - 03.jpg
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ID:	216227

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Suggestion - 04.jpg
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ID:	216228

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Suggestion - 05.jpg
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ID:	216229

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Suggestion - 06.jpg
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ID:	216230


                    • Shintara
                      Shintara commented
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                      Although well meant by TinMan.
                      Those suggestions aren't the complete feedback of some of them.
                      There are whole parts of text missing.
                      It's better if they post their feedback themselves so their intended message get across, and not incompletely quoted imho
                      EDIT: I've asked them all to find their corresponding posts in Discord and post them on this forum section themselves, so people can react to them and their whole message comes across better.
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                    • Tin Man
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                      Shintara I am pretty sure that I included the complete text from each person. Let me know what was missed and I will make sure to include any missing text.

                      Yeah, I only included the second of two posts by Heikki Gross because the first post was feedback while the second post was suggestions. This thread is a thread for suggestions. The feedback post was not pertinent to this thread.

                      Anything else missing? Let me know. I do not want to misrepresent anything. Is why I made sure to include the date time stamps so that the original posts can be validated. You were the one that asked for the posts to be reposted on the Forum after all.

                    • Shintara
                      Shintara commented
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                      Its ok!
                      Whomever wants to add their own post to the forum will do so in the future anyway.
                      So we're sure we don't post theirs without permission too, you know?

                      Thanks for clearing up the difference in their posts and feedback and suggestions for me