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    Something should be done about sets that are so weak there painful to look at such as scholar and battle master. Unless someone is wanting a challenge or doesn't know better they won't wear it.

    I would suggest changing or adding a lot more to it. Or create an achievement reward that people would want if it's used successfully in a certain Trial or something.


    • Bali_Lenni
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      Completely agree with this.
      "Redundant" sets need to be removed or boosted or rethought.
      Imo, it reflects on the game as being "a bit unprofessional\ uncared for" and that is really quite a pity considering all the really really great aspects this game has to offer and it actually being very much cared about by the team...
      This goes hand in hand with further fine tuning what can be bought in-game and get rid of those items which could be considered a slight rip-off by players having understood the basics of the game and replace them with items\packages people can get excited about...

    I have been thinking about this particular balance issue for a while... And i think its perfect. I'm not as good as lots of other players... So I'm thinking you should give me lots of sweet gear and +500 stuff. Because its not fair that other people are better than me. I mean... Its not really my fault that I don't have as good hand/eye coordination. Thats genetic! So i deserve a boost!
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      Life taught us all that we don't always get what we deserve. And if, so far, you've been lucky enough (or maybe young enough) to escape it, don't worry: There's more than enough lessons ahead of you to acknowledge that fact.