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    I have read Your Guide and thx a lot for Your Job - but a have found one thing - it doesn't work on my laptop

    • You have up to 2 different attacks you can use (from among a selection of up to 5) and they are activated by either tapping your screen with 1 or 2 fingers or by using the left or right buttons on your mouse.
    It doesn't work on my keyboard - I use Bluestack 4 for playing with my Laptop - Left Mouse Button (LMB) show me the movement direction and Right Mouse Button (RMB) use first attack (one finger attack)

    I have tried other mouse buttons - no effect...


    • Coldet
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      Editing a comment
      Making Fun does not support the use of BlueStacks. However, make sure you have the latest version of BlueStacks.

      Have you tried using the Windows version of Eternium?

    This is an excellent guide in an engaging, well written format. Thank you, Avatar!

    Tiny correction:
    You may wish to add a description of Elban's assassinate attack under "How to Beat the Boss." Your description of the pounce attack includes some DOT effects which actually apply to the assassinate attack. Each assassinate that lands on your hero will stack damage over time on your hero, but will also add a little bonus to your hero's damage to Elban (I'm not sure of the %s). This DOT does not stop until your hero or Elban dies, so it can be deadly.


      For anyone who is interested, I have begun writing the Intermediate Guide for Eternium which will include advice on crafting jewelry, gear, set items, unique items, recommendations for the best set pieces & unique gear (as well as abilities) for each hero class, and special events including ANB advice.

      "Eternium for Dummies" ended up at around 20 pages but I would be surprised if this one was less than 50 pages. I am just now wrapping up the section on jewelry crafting and, including an intro as well as glossary, it is 10 pages in length.

      I am looking for "a few good men" (or women') who would be willing to answer questions about the best gear (set as well as unique items), abilities, and Companions are best to use for the Mage and Bounty Hunter hero class. If you would be willing to help, please shoot me a private message here or on Discord. (My user name is Avatar over there as well...)
      Friend Code: XONE MUGE PUKE 1084

      "Eternium for Dummies: A Beginner's Guide"


        Old time player...... newb on the forum s
        where can i go to craft jewelry.
        I'm maxed at crafting..... burned hundreds of btilliants..... excellent fusion, numbers in the 80s
        ìm dumbstruck
        Plz help or direct


        Thanks Again Nhat