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"Unique" items for War Supplies

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    "Unique" items for War Supplies

    The Funktion to craft 10 legendary items with level 70 or above does not work !!!

    Today I already craftet 2 unique legendary items with level 71 (ELR Set Helmet and Chest) and the counter does not count it!
    So I wasted gold and items for nothing!!!

    Please repair (or explane whitch unique items you mean!)

    Those are "Set" items, only those under the "Unique" tab counts...

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      Every WS there is someone saying that. Maybe 5hey should clarify. Seem to be confusing


      • Eternium2020
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        that is true, similar problem when i was a newbee and later found out ive been crafting legendary weapon set and that is not a unique one.

        I think they should remove the unique weapons/sets/armors/trinkets out in every order and add a new one.

        Enchanting Material
        Unique Items etc

        it will be less confusing, believe me if this guy doesnt go here in forum and didnt ask why the counter is not going up he is gonna be so upset same like what happen to me when i have the same problem as he does, good thing ive been asking alot here in forum and become less since i know everything now.

      yeah, I crafted 2 legendaries set before discovering that it had to be unique item. could not achieve it anyway...


      • Kardinaal
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        If you just need the glory points you can always make a few low level crafts to save some gold and materials.

        If you do need something built, make a new char, level it to 70, and craft on that one. Then craft till you get a level 77 item and delete the hero. Due to the magic of statistics you will need less materials overall to craft lvl 77 items that way.

        I usually only craft in Anb (set items) and during war supplies (unique items)
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      Originally posted by Nhat View Post
      Those are "Set" items, only those under the "Unique" tab counts...
      The fun part is that, yes, while the ELR Regalia Helm is clearly not a Unique item, the ELR Regalia Robe is most definitely a Unique item but also happens to be a set item.

      So, items that are only Unique Items count. Items that are Unique Items and also Set Items do not count. This means that only items under the "Unique" tab when crafting count toward the War Supplies Milestone.

      I completely disagree with this behaviour but it is what it is.


        Ahhhhh this clears this up for me now. Mine says 5/10 and I was thinking that I have clearly crafted more than 5... Makes sense now but yeah, that distinction is confusing for a new player...