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    Fury set question

    I have decided to make a 6pc fury set for my warrior. I am aware it's not the best for pushing, but I have my other two chars for that

    It has become apparent from what I am reading that storm of swords is considered physical damage, and the tornadoes spawned by WW are considered nature damage.

    Since tornadoes often do more damage, would you suggest loading up on nature damage or physical damage in the belt, bracer, and trinkets?

    I want to say physical since most of your boss damage will be physical and that will take the most time. But I havent tried for myself..


      I went with Physical. While Tornadoes may do more damage overall, due to large mob pulls, 6x Fury gets 2 casts of Charge & Leap, so if you use both abilities, Physical will be a big boost, especially when fighting the boss. At least that's what I've seen...

      Don't forget that Physical will also boost the damage of your regular attacks, where as Nature will only affect Whirlwind & Tornadoes
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        +1 on Physical with a 6 pc Fury Warrior most of the damage will be from Storm of Swords from Charge and Leap.

      I also think axes with cleave bracers would work best for this build. And cleave is also physical