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My shield warrior cheat sheet

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    My shield warrior cheat sheet

    Shield warrior cheat sheet

    A collection of some math, skill info, defender set info, shield armour, breakpoints… A work in progress (see comments with !!!), also needs better formatting. With some links in the bottom as a tip of the hat to the people providing sources .

    Blocking math:

    Q: How does Block work?
    A: If you Block an attack, 75% of the damage is mitigated. You can only Block attacks while a shield is equipped. You can block 95% of incoming attacks max. This is after any dodge and parry (with 5% parry standard you block 90,25% of all incoming attacks).

    Block chance = block rate / 4000

    Skill and defender overview

    Sword and Board:

    +800 blockrate (does not show in character sheet)
    Shield armour x2

    Shield slam triggered:
    - 25% of block
    - critical block

    Critical block is block% above 100%? Between 100 and 200%?

    Shield slam does 1000% shield armour damage to up to 6 targets

    !!!! To check:

    crit block and 25% stacks how?
    How does crit block work? !!!!

    Shield Block:

    + 4000 blockrate
    Triggers one deadly throw every 6 seconds (mentioned in defender 6 bonus, from 6s to 1s)

    Deadly throw:

    Performs 7 attacks for 2000% weapon damage
    Total shield armour gets added to weapon damage

    Defender set bonuses:

    2 pieces (simplified):

    Casting charge, leap, battle rage or whirlwind gives 4 charges of fortress of steel, each healing 6%.

    4 pieces:

    Shield slam damage +400% (1400% total)

    6 pieces:

    - deadly throw on block 1s (down from 6s)
    - 100% of blockrate (char screen + 4800) added to power

    Shield armour:

    Shield armour is used in damage calculations for shield slam and deadly throw.

    Consists off (perfect 77 values):

    Base shield armour (2000)
    diamond (200)
    armour stat (275)

    Percentile boosts from:

    Norgrim: 15%
    Tough as nails: 20%
    armour cp: 25%
    Sword and board lvl 10: 100%

    !!! To check:
    Other possible sources: tortoise enchant (not according to forums)!!!

    Casting breakpoints:

    Purely based on AR as gains from alacrity are
    impossible to quantify.

    Total ar is ar from char screen + integralas (500) + intense training (150)

    Base cooldowns for a warrior with all skills lvl 10:

    Shield block: 28,4s
    Shockwave: 16,09s
    Whirlwind / charge / battle rage: 14,20s
    Deadly throw: 6,62s
    Jump: 9,46s


    base ar:

    Shield block and battle rage have cast times below 30s, meaning you can use both every talisman of storms / power proc

    1500 ar:

    50% uptime for battle rage
    30% uptime for charge crit rate buff
    47,5% uptime for leap 25% dmg redux buff
    25% uptime for shield block

    3000 ar (guestimate):

    55% uptime for battle rage
    33,3% uptime for charge crit rate buff
    50% uptime for leap 25% dmg redux buff
    27,7% uptime for shield block
    100% uptime for shockwave heal
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    mobile (Apple) player - shield enthousiast

    SchilKardy - main Fire Lilly Shield Warrior - Trial 138

    Brilliant Diamond add 200, not 50, and it also get boosted by S&B to 400 - this is the reason to ALWAYS socket Shield with Diamond.

    Recall Deadly Throw damage is based on adjusted Shield Armour value, including gemstone... Test done a while ago, hopefully nothing have changed, but also easy enough to retest...

    There's also Armor CP, up to 25%
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    Eternium Files - links and details - 04 February 2021 - v1.5.3x changes: Ability Rate formula changed to: AR / ( 2xAR + 1500 )

    Eternium Guides:


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      Thanks for confirming and correcting Nhat. And for your files. I did a quick check and adjusted the post. That’s a lot less stuff to test allready.

    Did a change on the blocking math section to include 5% standard parry cause I keep forgetting it.
    mobile (Apple) player - shield enthousiast

    SchilKardy - main Fire Lilly Shield Warrior - Trial 138