Gameplay and loading issues are often times caused by browser settings or related problems. Following these steps may help resolve the issue:

1) Make sure you are accessing the game through a Facebook link and not a browser bookmark. If you are using a browser bookmark, be sure it's set to
2) Make sure your browser is up to date.
3) If you are using firewall software, make sure your browser is listed as an accepted program. Failing to do this will cause the game to load very slowly or not load at all.
4) Make sure your Flash is up to date (
5) Make sure Java is up to date. (
6) Clear your browser cache ('s-Cache).
7) Clear your Flash cache ( If you are using Chrome, then this can be done by making sure the "Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data" is selected when you clear your browser cache.
8) Restart your browser.
9) If all else fails, try a different browser. In order, the latest versions of Google Chrome and Firefox, or Internet Explorer are the most compatible.