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When is next ANB? I need more glory

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    When is next ANB? I need more glory

    I just finished ANB in the last few days and been using the ANB char as my new main. I still have a lot of crafting to unlock and only have 500 levels now so still rather small and weak. I am about 40 glory from getting Fire Lily which is something I want for my Shatter/Shock mage that is my main char.

    So the big question is how much longer do I need to wait until I can get another 40 or more glory

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    • ricklhall
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      Is Discord the official communications channel for the game? I seldom use it.
      I am not a fan of chat channels.

    • Travis | Support Mgr.
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      As the community evolves, yes...the Discord server is far more active than the forum. Fortunately, when I post an announcement there, enough people see it and pass the message along.

    Hey Travis

    this link does not join me to a channel. What is the eternium discord link? I will join that and see if I can find the next Anb dates.

    thank you


      ANB ̶G̶o̶l̶d̶ Bronze #20 is planned for 30 December and likely will start at 17:00 UTC but no finalized time has yet been announced.

      The link to join the Eternium Discord server is here.

      Typically, a new event starts every second Friday UTC. The start times vary. The start day can slide to the next day when there are burps. There are times that a typical event starting week will be skipped for unknown reasons other than possibly syncing up the ANB cycle with the end of a season to avoid having a season end in the middle of ANB events.

      The general rule is that a new event will start 4 days after the current event ends.
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        Originally posted by Tin Man View Post
        ANB Gold #20 is planned for 30 December


        • Tin Man
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          Some times we all just need sleep.

        This is what he meant, the color bronze could be mistaken for gold. Travis | Support Mgr.Yesterday at 1:49 PM

        Bronze 20 is planned to start on Friday. I'll edit this message once I've confirmed the start time.​