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    Arcanist Set. . .

    Arcanist player here. . .
    I came back to the game after the patch and reached TL 121 in a short time. In all, the proposed strategy is fun.

    However, it seems to lack firepower compared to the Elementalist set. I see very few arcanists on the top 1% of the charts.
    I mean look at the Elementalist 4-set bonus...
    I'm trying a 100% Ice Elementalist + F.knowledge hybrid for ANB Gold and it's just insane.

    Back to the Arcanist set, there's only so much defense to offense trade-off I can continue to make at this point.
    So how to get more power?
    The 6-set bonus is great and establishes a play style.
    Compared to the Elementalist set, the 4-set bonus here is rather weak.
    Improving 2/4-set should also facilitate some hybrid strategies.

    The simplest alternative :
    2-Set : Add one or two more bolts, for power and aesthetics
    4-Set : Increase that % dmg to a level we start seeing arcanists on the top 10, maybe with a small visual effect on the target to show it's working

    Other : Offer another offensive non-elemental spell and/or edit an existing one to negate elite's auras; the one-target approach is problematic when pulling a group with defensive elites and healers.
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    Theoretical Modding
    (because tweaking numbers won't be enough)