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Alternatives for Regalia

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    Alternatives for Regalia

    I just closed ANB Bronze at TL106 with a fire-only Regalia.
    Arcanist weapon set

    It was great fun and got my two celestials which was the objective.

    Then last ANB Gold I tried mono-ice (3 ice spells) but made some mistakes and was out before TL 100. Currently stuck at TL118 but with suboptimal equipment and stats distribution - could possibly reach a few more levels.

    In both cases, I think, less AR is needed than in the temp. shock build.

    To the point :
    - Nerfing the Regalia set rather than the weapon set was a mistake. Hypothetically having three possible paths, players are instead forced into the one possible build offered by the pair and other spells don't see play.
    - I confirmed that one or two levels of the 4-set buff are lost momentarily here and there. That and the fact that you are stuck not doing anything else when shooting DfA or Freezing Ray (or whatever's the name) should simply be compensated by enhancing these two.
    - The ray always forces you down at least one buff level so the damage increase over time should be more dramatic. Also it needs to be stronger than frost bolt with northern wind - against one target, I'm not sure of that. Also, unlike DfA it doesn't provide any invulnerability; more dmg is needed.
    - The damage curve of the fireball is too flat. By TL100 it's nearly useless without other effects in parallel. Something similar but less severe happens to DfA. Maybe a synergy effect can be added between the two spells since neither is regularly used.
    - Fire doesn't have any control effects, which is fine I think. But nerfing of arc lightning and Singularity are felt here.
    - Unique books and weapons : more and better are needed, otherwise the Arcanist weapon set is the only reasonable choice (I tested multiple combinations but nothing beats dealing dmg from AR and going kamikaze but not-dying). Maybe unique weapons/books that address the above points? It's not like the mainstream builds will get stronger by switching to that.
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    Interesting post, I hadn't even considered using mono-fire or mono-ice as options. Usually with these sets and set combinations they want you to play in a certain way, and trying to do anything else isn't going to be as powerful, so I'm not surprised. I would tend to agree Frost Ray is a bit weak right now, it's really the opportunity cost of standing there not doing anything while it's going, and that it's terrible against bosses.
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