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Can we improve the rewards of the high level trials?

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  • Can we improve the rewards of the high level trials?

    I know this has been said before in other threads but I want to make specific point because it's important.

    I guess it might also depend on personal taste for what the gaming experience should be - but for me, back when gold wasn't an issue, the trials offered an interesting way to grind for experience and equipment.
    Slight map and creature changes, plus the right difficulty level, meant you could more or less grind for resources and have a fun challenging match at the same time.

    Now, with the necessity to craft 200k-400k gold items repeatedly to obtain the 71-75 lvl gear needed to advance past a certain point, grinding has gone to a couple story mode levels that offer no challenge at all, no surprises. There's no practical alternative; beating any 100+ TL will not give you the gold or equipment needed in a reasonable amount of time.

    This doesn't make sense because rewards should be alligned with difficulty. You can have a curve of proportionally decreasing returns but not a difference so blatant that it makes it worthless to actually spend time playing the challenging content until you get your gear.
    It doesn't make sense from a money-making perspective because most players will still grind story mode rather than pay. I'm doing that. It's just not fun.

    Same thing with that merlok quest, I'm not going to buy gems or somehow skip it because playing Marcus village for the nth time with a 2000CL character is boring. Just put some deadly merloks on the TLs!

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    Giant Merlok Boss who spawns elite Merlok archers.


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      Whilst I agree with what you say it is interesting to note that there have been calls recently to make story mode relevant again; now that it is it seems trials are in the spotlight!
      Gold does seem to be lacking in trials, perhaps the bosses should juat drop more.
      Anyway, it would be great if more of the monsters from the last three worlds appeared in the trials. I would guess that there are memory constraints, on a mobile platform, to including all of them in a trial. Perhaps the summoner champion, fron the gauntlet, could join as a mid-trial boss and throw out a few merloks.


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        I think it should be possible, for the Gram trials only, to replace altogether some of the current mob types by their Ursok equivalent (for example).
        That, or depending on the environment type. . .
        Why no one seems to have questioned that bears and minotaurs all scream exactly like the undead is another thing I'd like to know. . .

        I notice many abandoned threads of existing content that could be looped back into better trial alternatives, equipment even spells. . . probably with significantly less effort than the last two big content updates.


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          Maybe after they've migrated the game to Unreal engine, they will implement improvements like these. In other words, SoonTM.


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            I so agree with that! I just completed TL #138, and this is what I got:

            Click image for larger version

Name:	reward.jpg
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Size:	171.8 KB
ID:	148489

            Not even a set piece. Really?
            MAJA MIBA LEGE 4951

            Matrikor, Stalker BH, TL 141, Rank #77
            Matrikor, Stalker BH (Exp), TL 117
            Ruwiel, Exp Mage, TL 103
            Avit, Noob Warrior, TL 101

            Mobile only


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              I'm assuming that the Dev was wrong.


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                Agree. High lvl trial should give better drop of set item


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                  I like the idea of all drops after TL110 be unique and set items. TL80 already has all Legendary drops, so TL110 having Legendary unique and set drops makes sense.

                  It would certainly give me motivation to try to beat TL110, because my first attempt ended with Kara beating me like a rented mule. The next 10 attempts ended with more of the same. I've pretty much given up on trying to beat TL110 until I can get gear that's better than level 70.


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                    TL 110 isn't that hard, since Kara is the easiest boss. I beat her fast with BH stalker set.