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Please Nerf Healer!

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    Please Nerf Healer!

    That unlimited area healing skill from Healer should be nerf.

    Make it limited time for a healer can heal or
    Full healing only for single target or
    Area healing for only 10% of health point
    Anything can do. Just nerf it, please..

    Can also make the toons much much bigger so its easier to find in the crowd or
    Limit the number of healer on each trial map or
    Add "Lock Target" setting in the game

    Anything please..

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    Blackwidow - Warlord's/Furry Warrior (Exp Farmer)
    Punkd/Pinkd - Stalker/Warrior (ANB Runner)

    S3 #52; S4 #35

    I always wonder why i took more time to clear some crowd than others. So it's the healer..
    I was started thinking this is the weirdest game I ever played, where Bosses are easier to kill than the elite minions.

    How about something that prevents healing from time to time, something like Brooch of Laceration, or Vial of the Corrosion???

    I would prefer longer boss fights than longer mob fights..


    • steampunk
      steampunk commented
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      I also wonder why sometimes it took very long to clear the mobs, the i found the healer is doing crazy heal and shield.

    +1 on a healer nerf. I just screwed up my last run due to an elite healer/elite archer combo. SCR really doesn't like lonely elites at all, but lonely elite healers are almost unkillable
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      Seriously? I am not experiencing this anymore.
      Actually healers were nerfed some time ago in one of updates. Healing effect has been reduced. Before that nerf, when you met 2 healers in mobs group they seemed to be indestructible since were healing each other. That was a real pain. But now I see no such problems.


      • steampunk
        steampunk commented
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        I was playing Warrior Leap Build where I need to gather mobs and do a quick Leap the Charge. It's very hard to aim Healers. So when elite Healers hide inside other elites, it's like eternal fight until I die eventually.

      +1 this. Also, "Ghosts" (channeling etc.) attacks doesn't trigger Parry for ITZ, so frustrating. I remembered gathering like 2 or 3 group of mobs with alot of "ghosts", I have to wait for the actual cooldown to be able to use SW. And then die, (like 5 times or more) then Abandon level. Haha!

      EDIT: I also remembered this "Healers" and "Protecting" mobs, I accidentally leaped on them right after summoning Garm @ TL129 or 139 (can't remember what TL, too focused on pushing haha) and boy, I can't him hard and kept dying. So yeah, a really nerf with your idea is nice.
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        What happened to that thing that all three classes would have a silence effect in a skill or another?
        Time to bring it back in a balancing patch!
        Theoretical Modding
        (because tweaking numbers won't be enough)


        • Montresor
          Montresor commented
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          be careful what you ask for. silence effect is 'working as intended' on frost beam - all it silences are garm's healing and damage buff auras making him incredibly disproportionate to the bosses around him.