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    Intensive Training

    Intensive Training at 150 makes no sense.
    It should be 250 like Celerity or something more interesting.

    It's pure finance. . .
    If you have sockets and you still want the benefit of +150 AR, you can still replace Intensive Training with Celerity. Then change 3 +50 Haste stones for 3 +50 AR stones.
    Now you have +150 AR plus some extra attack speed.
    It's just never efficient to use Intensive Training, at least endgame-wise.

    For the same reason, Endurance (+20% Vitality) is great past a certain level, even if you are seeking to max other stats.

    So yeah. . . Intensive Training should be fixed.
    Theoretical Modding
    (because tweaking numbers won't be enough)

    CarnivorousDeathParrot.2 +1 With the nerf to AR, the numbers work against using Intensive Training. It is still useful for an ANB hero in the early going before crafting AR on jewelry, but I agree that it really needs to be upgraded to balance some of the AR loss from the last version update.
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