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    So I have just read through all of this thread. Now I am not going to add much more to what has been said. What I will do is agree with Tin Man regarding levelling up to lv70. In gold, I did it in 9 min and I finished in the top 50 as a BH. In the last silver league, as a BH, I levelled to 70 in 24 minutes and finished top 50. Gem spend for gold 10k, Gem spend for Silver 1200. So limiting the gems really won't make that much difference.

    The change I would like to see is your gold from main transferring over to AnB along with your Gems. Grinding gold is boring as hell and doesn't really take up much event time, circa 1.5mil per 5 min investment. Its gold I go through more, making jewelry, buying tavern things, transmutation, combining, etc etc etc.

    More things in perspective, in AnB bronze, it currently took me 40 min to lv70 as I am playing mage now (long time BH player). Still reckon I will get top 100 with less than 1k gem spend. This is me as an experienced player, however by no means a pro.


    • Ozymandius
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      +1 on sharing gold with ANB hero. Gold farming is most boring part of ANB experience that could easily be avoided.

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      Ozymandius "Gold farming is most boring part of ANB experience that could easily be avoided."

      As someone who has never done it during an ANB, I feel that creating push jewelry (for those who end up using the Eph Jewelry for XP farming) probably surpasses that.

      ... KTB

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      I agree. I think that having a small ANB storage area would be nice. Too many time there is just a little bit of gold and books of learning that are earned towards the end of an ANB event. The accumulate in the main account and go unused (unless a new class is selected). It would be interesting to be able to use those books earned at the end of one ANB and carry them forward to another ANB. In my mind this stash would be very limited (only Books of Learning, maybe gold (with limitations), and maybe boosts). No weapons, armor, capes, etc. could be shared as that would create other issues. Again the storage would be very limited.

    "after 2 years of playing) is mediocre at best." I said tw seasons, not two years. And I spelled that I play casually. High trial season pushing requires dozens and dozens attempts on a single trial, not my idea of fun.

    And I cant be bothered to envy the PC players their placement since I choose to play this game on mobile (dreaming of Linux portal, yes). This is a game, not a commercial competition. Champions spend at least twice as much time on it as I do, that's how you get to be a champion.

    My argument stands. I don't spend money, play casually, have fun and break into the top 100. I know what I am doing, skills, metas, priorities, strategies, managing resources. I follow the rabbit hole divers to learn what they discover (wonderful things!). Etc etc etc.

    And I know who the big spenders are and simply don't compare myself to them.
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      Originally posted by Blingblingchaching View Post
      Papa_jim: I laughed at your list of skilled and oh not so rich players. Can you show the amount of gems they have and how much they spent for the last few anbs?
      ​​​​​​ Benedicto: Prove my points wrong, don't try personal attack or give lecture 'cause you don't know anything about my playing skills. What you wrote brought absolutely nothing to the discussion.

      Like I said, resetting cm is just a side suggestion for gold events to make these hardest challenges more balanced to everyone. If you studied the leaderboard last gold anb, you'd see the top 25 or so have their gears at 76-77 lvl, socketed and enchanted. Some posted pictures they reached lvl70 within 9 mins. That's not skills.
      I don't have problems if crafting mastery is kept for anbs if it's too tedious or painful to the majority of players. But to me an anb (a new beginning?!) should be like that, a new slate on everything gold, materials, skills, so why not cm and/or gems?
      Now to my point you struggle to understand. With the limitation of gems carrying over from regular account, us players need to think seriously more on how to play, and rich players will have to fork out money to the devs for some value packs if they really want those medals. A win-win for both sides.

      When I started playing, there were nearly 50k players joining an anb event on 3 leaderboards. I'll let you count the number this time. One quits a game when it becomes repetitive, and that has become true to Eternium current format.

      Hey man, it's one thing to have an opinion, and another thing to tell people that have already done something that they cannot do the thing they've done. We've explained many times how you can play without spending a cent on the game and still rank very high. For example, me and Splendor did 151 with xp gear with mage for the fun of it. This means you don't have to spend a fortune and craft all 77s to get top 25. I know for a fact that 157 is totally doable in ANB without spending any money on the game.

      That said, I do agree it will be fun to have an anb with limited budget (not each one) - in fact we did a 2K gems challenge some time ago, and enjoyed it. Spoiler alert - results were just a few levels lower (at most) than with a bigger budget. Not saying budget is not important - it sure is, but not to the extent most people think.

      Btw leveling to 70 fast takes a lot of skill as well as game and event knowledge. Sure, not nearly as much skill as pushing high trials, which is the most demanding part of the game, and the one that matters most for good placement both in season and anb. For the record, 9 minutes is not that fast, and again you don't have to spend any money on the game to do that.

      Regarding crafting mastery - I've given a suggestion to reduce the xp from crafting low-level items to 0 and increasing the xp earned from more expensive items, so crafting progress is more 'organic'.
      Mage: Anba



        "You know how I read your proposals? You wish to normalize all the results so that the most inept players have a reasonable shot at Top 100 or better."

        That's the sign of the times, actually.


          I am new to the game and to me this is one of the most level games out their. I have been able to compete without spending money. My problem is that I am still learning the nuances. There are many good players that have been very helpful.


          • Arhi
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            Come to discord, we have cookies!

          Originally posted by Arhi View Post
          "You know how I read your proposals? You wish to normalize all the results so that the most inept players have a reasonable shot at Top 100 or better."

          That's the sign of the times, actually.
          So is moving the goalpost during an argument/discussion as seen here


            Blingblingchaching , first kudos for trying out this 'suggestion' for yourself - as outlined in your response to:


            Admittedly, you have further handicapped yourself because you don't have (all) the gear recipe's unlocked.

            Leaving aside the Crafting Mastery part here (which you seemed to have conceded isn't the prime part of your suggestion), I am curious what your Gem Budget ends up being (Hope that you are keeping track of THAT - since that has been the prime focus of your argument). Also, since your proposition is that this applies ONLY to Gold ANB, I hope you will post an update where you are at - Gem Budget and achievement at the 6 hour mark.

            Thanks ... KTB


            • Stusmith50
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              His proposition for Gold was that in addition to the gem restrictions, crafting mastery was reset to zero.
              For gold ANBs, it is possible to reset the hero crafting mastery level to 0 as well. (I believe this suggestion is not new). Again this levels the playing field in ANBs as we'll need millions of gold and crafting materials
              to max it out."
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            I stopped playing yesterday. cl530 with 8h57 left. cm level 25. and could only buy cleaver recipe from liana. farming tl70 in ~90s. Used all glory from season and anb rewards and bought: 3 fury, ToS, templar... should have unlocked only 2 fury pieces and spent those glory on whirlstorm belt - but I screwed up 2 (out of 6) ephemeral items on an elban's scepter & a defender's pant (perhaps some player might relate to those mistakes?!)

            So if I had continued, my strategy would be as follows
            -farm xp to cl 750-800 (1hr)
            -farm gold/gems (sc 43/47? act iv) (2hrs) (make stops to make xp/eg jewelries once reaching 200k gold - average stats ok)
            -cm to 50?
            -continue more recipes from liana
            -cook whirlwind to lvl 10, synergy to 90+
            -make gears for tl100 (head slayer enchantment + ToS should be sufficient)
            -farm xp to cl 1400 (3 hrs) leap to lvl 10, get that last season reward 20 glory on exotic slayer enchantment;
            -tl110 with xp fury for second ct
            -farm xp to cl 1600 (2hrs) at tl 100-105
            -switch to 4w2f and head for tl 120+ (1hr)

            I know it's totally doable and doesn't require anymore gems (until the end if I really want to socket/reforge some of the good xp gears). aside from a few tweaks and having less available time for farming xp/final push it is essentially a repetition of regular bronze anbs.

            My conclusions though are still very true to my first post:
            - newbies can't crack top100 (well at least in this case with a warrior) - too many disadvantages stacked against them - some can't be bought with real money (glory for unlock gears, wait for blacksmithing to become available, poor gears & no medal bonuses especially during the initial leveling to 70)
            - limiting gems in anb is the best available option to test the real strategy/execution skills in a limited resource competition. (For those who prefer to overkilled everything, there's always the arena for that).
            -it was a fun experiment. well, it was fun because it was not a repetition. Even cm reset has its benefits. I learned to alternate crafting swords/mace/axe ; boots/sabatons/ gloves to unlock/get the extra grades for cheap when leveling up to 70 - didn't do that when I started playing. Another thing is CM leveling in anb is way faster and more economic (as you trade unused iron bars/lesser essences for gold). The enemies were much stronger and tankier without fire lily or fury gears. To improve damage & toughness, I did need to change tactics a few times during that period (from DW with shield slam for the abandon farm -> charge+DT before lvl 25 & WW+DT before unlocking leap at lvl 51). overall, more challenges, more funs.

            would like to add some screenshots here but my browser is not cooperating. so yeah, it will be a bit hard for new players to follow.

            teebs: gems spent is ~400 to unlock hero abilities and 2 companion slots, 1 100%xp booster at the beginning and a blacksmith crate. I unlocked all rows in the inventory to speed up cm leveling (so a bit more than needed). After that there's no need to buy with gems as season & anb rewards should be more than enough. Might spend a few hundreds more at the end to reforge/socket some good gears. So if I had a 2k-3k gems pool limit? Life would be way easier as I can use 200%xp boosters instead of 100%; and up the heroes abilities faster.



            • Turgeon
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              I must be wrong like lodwig in that case cause all he said i must agrree with him. If your dream come true blingbling then ill stop playing anb since i wont have enough time to play since ill need to waste time by getting up ml to 50. There is enough waste of time by doing jewelry and gold farming i cant see how ill do it if i need to get up my CM

            • Blingblingchaching
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              Turgeon: you are too rigid and short-sighted that's why you can't escape the current setup. If this was a brainstorming sessions for devs, new ideas raised, pros and cons discussed, and different possible solutions for those cons brainstormed and tested. That's how new content/improvements are made. Instead you guys acted like ...spoiled kids, jumping up protesting and all kinds of name calling.
              To your "concern" to my side suggestion to cm reset: it's anb. Rules can be different (like ephemeral items). If you complain about cml50 for gold anbs, devs can cap it at 25. In my experiment, I reached cm20 when I reached lvl70, and needex exactly 10 mins of real time to get to cm lvl 25. Now what else do you complain? Too hard to get that 77 gear to your main account? I can give answer to that too with a little tweak. But my point is, If you want to point out the disadvantages in others proposals, then think first yourself if there is a way to fix that before discarding them. That same rule applies really well in real life.

            • Turgeon
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              Ifyoure not happywith the game bling bling you can go away and make another game for howlong did you play eternium?

            I suspect this will be or was your last post. Good luck. Patience can be valuable. I spent a couple weeks buying all recipes for gold. I did not use gems at all. If you stopped at CL530 you needed to do more farming. Why try to crack the top 100? Meet your own goals first.


            • Blingblingchaching
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              Thanks, this comment is my last post

            • RAFERS102
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              What I have learnt here is that a very new and possibly young person has not yet learnt what wisdom and experience counts for. Almost sounds like they feel the world owes them a favour. The people here that constantly break top 100 without ant major Gem spend do so from gaining wisdom and experience and learning from the better players. I'm a prime example of this, I put myself as a rather accomplished BH player. However I have just switched to Mage and I have asked every noob question in the book. However this now allows me to break top 100 even top 50....potentially, with very little gem spend. That is down to other people's hard work and I thank them profusely for that.

            So you think you have it all figured out... Lol I'm sorry but your ideas and attitude were really bad, so none of us will be sad to see you go. If you don't fully understand a game please don't give suggestions.

            You really think it would be fun to raise crafting mastery from 0 to 50 in a 6 hour anb. That would be more mind-numbing than farming gold at sm or jewelry crafting... you're just saying let's waste every players time and first few million gold and make them tap on their phones for hours on end, just to level their crafting mastery to suggestion ever!!

            You compare your skill and game knowledge to every single new player. The good new players who crack the top100 simply ask questions, learn from their mistakes, and have more skill than you. But I have a feeling you will never accept that. I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't crack top100 with all recipes at your disposal and a 100k gem budget.

            You want a fair competition why not just suggest something that doesnt require any grinding. A weekly competition where everyone has the same equipment and same champion level and see how far you can go. Wow something that just involves end game skill. Oh you would have had so many positive comments if you just suggested that...


              I wasn't going to play my alt this anb, but just for for fun I used a little over an hour of event time today, started with a mage, spent only 375 gems total, just basic unlocks, 2 50 gem crates, and a little gold for crafting a lily and vial at lvl 2. I used only the free boosters and leveled in story mode on the way to DC, hitting 70 midway through act 3. I'm now sitting close to 300 cls, my AL is at 7, my dfa farming set is almost complete (just need to upgrade my lvl 2 vial, which I might replace with ToP at this point) I've already crafted a eg/exp necklace with haste and ar and I'm halfway done crafting eg/exp rings. From here I could probably get close to the results I usually get in anb without spending any more gems. The only things I'll really be handicapped by are having only 1 vortex and 1 upgrade slot. If I decide to push with this toon I might just go SCR for fun. I think this exercise proves that with the right approach, even Mage doesn't need to spend many gems to have success.

              I should also add that when I started today I had 146 gems total on this toon and farmed the other 200 I needed just from story mode on the way to DC, drops, and daily quests that I completed inadvertently while making my way through story mode. It doesn't get much more low effort than that .
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                "newbies can't crack top100 (well at least in this case with a warrior)" A noob has to buy the recipes for gold and raise his ML. Once. And figure out the game. Then, if he is any good HIMSELF then he'll be a champion.


                  I have few medals, spend very little money, and have pretty crappy playing skills compared to the top players. And I use a mobile phone.

                  In spite of all that, I was just a few places shy of a top 100 finish this past ANB bronze, and I'm fairly certain that I'll be able to break in eventually with just a few tweaks here and there.

                  The bottom line is that we live in a material reality, so everything one achieves is done through a combination of time, effort and money. Those with less money, or those who are loath to spend money, have to put in more time and effort, whether by sheer brute force or formulating superior strategies, and those who have money and who value their time and effort more are going to spend it.

                  No matter what system you implement to try and correct perceived imbalances, the above dynamic will almost always hold true. Players of either persuasion will find ways to make the changes work for their preferred approach.

                  Not to say that you shouldn't try to improve something, but I've yet to see a system that could truly alter the effects of living in a material universe, or human nature itself.


                    Originally posted by Blingblingchaching View Post
                    Thanks, this comment is my last post
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