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Havoc 6-Set (to be fixed)

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    Havoc 6-Set (to be fixed)

    With the latest update, explosives builds are doing great.
    However, the full Havoc or Demolitionist sets are not nearly as powerful as the combination, i.e. 4H:2D.

    Here are the stats of my 6H build beating TL 156.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	20211001_112653.jpg Views:	2 Size:	52.7 KB ID:	204142

    Explosive shot deals most of the damage while the (15) Heatseekers contribute moderately. This is an almost fully CTed build and can possibly only increase damage by 5% at this point. There are no other full Havoc builds at this level.

    For comparison, here are the stats of the closest 4H2D build on the leaderboard, i.e. also at TL 156.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	20211001_112549.jpg Views:	2 Size:	44.7 KB ID:	204143

    With Sticky Bombs alone, it deals 83% of the full Havoc build damage. Keep in mind that there are several of these builds all the way up to TL170; all dealing over 50% of their damage with SB and even achieving a DPS 8 times higher than the example here.

    For Havoc 6-Set, I propose these alternatives:
    a) Number of missiles squared (so 36 at skill lvl 10)
    b) Twice the number of missiles plus twice the dmg (equivalent of 24 at skill lvl 10)
    c) Twice the number of missiles plus "Napalm": If fire dmg % > 0, add 2 stacks of burn by missile dmg times the fire dmg % (slightly under the equivalent of 36 missiles at lvl 10 but less immediate to attain since you also need items with fire boost). Note: if the burn does not include the 4H boost, then you'd need more stacks.

    In the full Havoc example above, if switching BoM back to Heatseekers, rough calculations would be:

    a) -188 + 15254 = increase of 15066 and total dmg of: 33478
    b) -188 + 10169 = increase of 9981 and total dmg of: 28383
    . . .both would be above 4H2D at TL156, but bear in mind that the 4H2D build can continue scaling up the damage significantly while 6H, apparently, cannot.


    Also, I'm not sure I saw 6D builds at this level.
    The +200% dmg of 4H is hard to beat I guess.
    I'd suggest also a major enhancement of Demo 6-Set, turning it into a physical damage build.

    The point of all this is to have the 3 builds comparable in power where we currently have only 1.
    It is easy to achieve, I think.
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    Theoretical Modding
    (because tweaking numbers won't be enough)

    Nice analysis! It would be good to have 3 competitive BH sets. Sad to see that Heatseekers BoM drops out of favor at higher trials. I am still around TL130 and enjoying being able to one-shot large mobs. From ANB, I learned that once you get to around TL135, you have to drop the Belt of Ornance to beat the bosses. I didn't try switching to BoM with Explosive shot bonus, but I ran out of time running toward TL139. I wonder if you get enough Sticky Bombs with Assasin's Belt to keep running 6H?


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      I have to try that. I think switching Molten Belt out might be a problem.