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Mage - Apprentice Set (shooter)

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    Mage - Apprentice Set (shooter)

    Lately, I have been trying the Apprentice update from the latest patch. Other than a mock ELR set-up, what seems to play nicely is a Fireball-centered build (Paradox, Blink, Timewarp) - attacking constantly just plays nicely with what the set has to offer.

    Unfortunately, the set has two major flaws that make it difficult to tweak by adjusting variables:

    - 4-Set Barrier :
    No one seems to know how this works (I've actually asked) but the point is that it really doesn't: at around TL 125 enemies seem to shoot right through it; good luck aiming for TL 140+.
    The 50% chance is not clear. Is that 50% per second attacking?
    Either way, it's too unreliable to be usable.

    - 6-Set Immolate
    With a 3-digit base dmg, it doesn't matter if the spell is lvl 10, 50 or 100. As the major effect of the set, it is far behind what a full ELR, SCR or even Arcanist can do.
    A new spell has to be coded there.

    After some basic number crunching, this is my take at enhancing the set more or less in line with what it already does.



    X chance, per attack, of dealing an additional attack.
    X equals to your Fire + Arcane dmg bonuses.

    4- Set
    6% chance, per attack, of summoning a protective barrier.
    This barrier has your Vitality and Armor and lasts until it is destroyed or replaced by a new one. All damage you would receive is dealt to the barrier instead.

    3% chance, per attack, of launching Black Immolate on target.
    Black Immolate deals 10000% weapon Fire dmg and 10000% weapon Arcane dmg immediately after. Enemies affected by it receive 100% more damage of both types for 3 seconds


    Gloves bonus
    Your primary attack deals 100% more dmg.

    Torso bonus
    Brooch of Purifying Flames burns the target for an additional 5000% weapon Arcane dmg. Elites and bosses receive twice the damage from it.

    Headgear bonus
    Paradox has 1 more charge.

    Shoulder pads bonus
    +100% DFA charges (same as ELR)


    - Possible variations: Arcane, Fireball, DFA. . .
    - For top tier performance, it will still rely on whatever Combustion or Arcane belts are updated or released.
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    Theoretical Modding
    (because tweaking numbers won't be enough)

    Sounds good to me. I'm not a numbers guy but it looks fun to play. I love a bit of rng mixed in with some skill play.


    • CarnivorousDeathParrot.2
      CarnivorousDeathParrot.2 commented
      Editing a comment
      Yes! Rng means GMC, i.e. Thermal Shock - what currently deals the most damage - is very clunky to play because of how randomly Immolate triggers, i.e. not when needed.
      This is less of a problem if you are always attacking (default flat damage distribution) and can let Immolate damage spike when it may, without much further action needed.

      Skill goes into managing Parafox and/or Blink and/or DFA and even also FoK, to stay on the offensive without getting killed.