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    Requests for next season

    Please dont just start next season without making changes. You've had all season to reflect on all our feedback. I hope you decide to actually do something with that information. And not say there may be this change 2-3 weeks into the season.

    Personally I would like to see something along these lines:

    -BALANCING patch. You should change atleast something every season to make the game better!
    -new items (uniques maybe?? New slots?)
    -new ideas (runes, unique gemstones, charms, ect) could even make these things only drop in higher trials so players actually play higher trials for something other than push.
    -new event ideas (everyone has same character. How quick can you complete "X"TL or how high can you push this fixed build in a week)
    -new foes in trials for mob phase. PLEASE REMOVE HEALERS. I can make a new topic were I rant about how toxic healers are in trials.

    Any changes would be welcome. We dont want to play the same season, season after season.

    -Cleave has been meta for the last 6 seasons. Same build, same story...shockwave atleast got closer, but if you played shockwave and realized how bad the cooldown is you would know it needs changing.

    -Frostbeam has been meta for the last 7 season. Same build same story...zap aka SCR mage got closer, but still has some problems to compete.

    -atleast the new bh meta feels fresh, but nothing comes close to it. You can do over 1T dps... the thing I like about this build is it actually scales as you progress to higher trials since bomb damage depends on the foes health. Seems like there is always a shot at getting to the next trial with this build.

    Truly hope this will reach Adrian....


      I already skipped two ANBs (medals for me was so rewarding back then), just doing dailies until the LB split will be implemented. Haven't purchased anything since November last year. The cycle seems to be more boring now, hoping for other new things like your ideas to come up.


        I consider myself as a nerd enjoying boring repetitive things, but now even I could not tolerate this game any more. I admire devs how a great job they have done!


          I am all in for change and progress.

          What i would like to see is better scaling and synergizing across abilities, set/unique bonuses, enchants etc. in order to achieve an open ended progress path.

          Builds should not be a requirement. They should rather be a choice on how you want to play. I am aware that it is almost impossible to balance all builds at a certain level. But making sure one is not significantly better performing than the others is pretty doable.

          Some gameplay mechanics may also be changed or overhauled. For ex make slayer enchant a self buff or make certain set/unique/enchant bonuses spread to the mobs you hit instead of your current target. Redesign belts, trinkets, BoM's in order to open new paths and possibilities...

          I mean the game seems to have a very good base and open to a lot of possibilities. Take advantage of that.

          On the other hand conventional way of introducing new cookie cutter builds, overpowered bonuses or items are a big no to me.

          It took five months of hardwork; practicing and gearing my warrior to her place around 30's on the seasonal leaderboard. Yet, she still has one more Ct and a couple of tweaks she could use.

          Now; suppose a new meta is introduced which could reach say 2-3 more levels than current max. I am pretty sure most of the old players would adapt quickly with decked out 77's and Ct's in an instant while players like me see themselves out of the top 100. This would degrade newish players like me to an ever lasting loop of catching up.

          Sorry but a scenario like that is an instant quit to me without ever looking back. Therefore whatever is planned should be implemented considering a broader playerbase.


            +1 Keep creating new options, but please do not resort to nerfing existing ones. The last balancing upgrade was a step in the right direction by adding buffs to lesser gear sets to make them more competitive. The changes to BH allowed for some new competitive options without diminishing the existing Stalker meta for players who still want to use that gear set because they invested a lot of time into building that gear. It would be nice to see more variety of gear sets on the leaderboards; it gets rather dull just playing the same old meta build over and over again.

            For a real change of pace, i suggest a seasonal competition where you have to start a new hero and build a new gear set from scratch instead of just running the same hero season after season with the same old gear set. Make each new season more like an extended ANB event.


              • I am Chinahjj and I support Romme's point of view, I would like to see change, not, have been no change of season!


                Like everyone else here who has put in their input, it would be nice to see something new rather than going tjhrough another season with the run of the mill items and how about expanding the levels, surely at some point there must have been a plan for an expansion to the game as opposed to just enhancing what we already have.


                  I really love this idea.

                  "New Events"

                  Originally posted by Romme View Post
                  -new event ideas (everyone has same character. How quick can you complete "X"TL or how high can you push this fixed build in a week)
                  As Romme said above, ANB is just same after and after.
                  We are now resorting to events "User - Created Events or Challenge"
                  Such as Discord Shootout, Zero Gem Challenge, Epic / Rare challenge...

                  I suggest you to make this as "Official.Events"

                  My suggestion in addition to Romme 's idea.

                  1.Build Restriction.

                  Like Romme said...
                  It would be fun to play with certain build.
                  Nowadays 99% BH play with Demo / Havoc.
                  How about pushing with 6 Assult set, 6 havoc or 6 Demo?
                  It would be much fresh experience.
                  and also more opportunity for new players.

                  2. Boss-OnlyTrials.

                  Who can kill boss as fast as they can?

                  Want to see Boss only trials.

                  Also it would be much fun to see fighting against 2 bosses simultaneously.

                  Like Magroth & Kara.

                  Some skilled players can handle this.

                  3. Champion Level Challenge.

                  Like Discord Shootout,
                  We submit milestones for certain levels (Automatically, of course) and get rewards for that.
                  Also we can compete for who can achieve highest CL.

                  These are just my ideas and it would be awesome if you accept players' suggestions.

                  PS. PLEASE NERF FIRE STARTERS.
                  At least please change them to show shadow - like thing before casting the fire.


                    +1 A balacing patch per season.

                    I've been skipping all ANBs and playing Magic Rampage instead, since they release a new item every other week. They also change the enemies of trials and release major updates more frequently, all that without trying to press players into paying. Their meta is very diverse.
                    Theoretical Modding
                    (because tweaking numbers won't be enough)


                      Another one for the devs, if they want to make money, they should make the event packages more attractive. Let's say the Titans pack, that should and used to have gold as part of the deal. If you're going to pay $60 for something then it should be a decent deal. So giving 5mil gold wouldn't be too far of a stretch.

                      Or and this might be a bit radical for the devs, allow main gold to transfer over into events.

                      We haven't heard from the devs in a long time either. So I an not completely sure if this game is being developed any further.


                      • Ozymandius
                        Ozymandius commented
                        Editing a comment
                        +1 on adding $1 million option back on purchase options. I think that they would get more action if they actually offered gear and jewelry with XP on them during the leveling up phase, especially if you could purchase gear that was more that just a few levels up from where your hero already is. Also, change the trinkets offered to Fire Lily & Vial of Wind Spirits instead of non-set options. I purchased a level 55 Bracer of Mastery when the offers first came out since it had the coveted Heatseekers bonus, but it turns out that the bonuses are actually just random rolls, so I haven't bought another one.