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The new stormcaller set

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    The new stormcaller set

    Is hard to play imo. Im farming T100 with my arcanist mage, granted he's full celestial, but when I swap to Stormcaller 6/6 I get destroyed by everything.
    It has no dmg reduction built in via gear or spells. So we need to go full out on vitality, stats gems everything. But who wants that? Oo

    Thoughts who played with it so far?

    salvage it like apprentice and adventurer and move on


      My guess is that it’s going to get a buff. There’s no point in the devs putting out a brand new set that no one wants to play. Notice that none of the pieces have their own bonus effect like with ELR and Arcanist. I bet those will be added with a balancing patch.


        I haven't maged much since my hiatus from the game, and even before that I maged different than most. I went for all out power burst with frost spells, so I'm actually used to the idea of being very, very squishy, but a glass cannon. And I think this new set leans more towards that play style as opposed to a "gather the whole map" style that most were used to.
        I'm still gathering my set so I really can't give a useful outlook on it yet. But I think if properly setup, it can be up there at least above adventurer set lol

        I'll get back to you once I've played with my full set a lil
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          I havent had a single piece drop. Since its drops, any set I put together will be half garbage stats.

          Glory is a game killer. I can only get it playing at certain times and to certain amounts, its back to square one were only a few had celestials.

          The majority of new content is locked garbage at this point.


          • Anjaeka
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            I think they should’ve just called this the warrior update and not bothered with the other sets. The trinkets, bracers and belts are an amazing addition, but I’ll have to wait and see how “glory” is handled before I can judge if it’s worth the cost.

          • Benedicto
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            I don't think this is a warrior update, because they totally killed SW...

          I've played with it some, using only dropped pieces that are obviously not ideal, but it is definitely very hard to survive. It's caught between two worlds in some ways - optimum play might be +nature damage with FK set and ripple similar to arc mage, which would need a lot more survivability. Or it could be from distance, only singularity takes forever to get anywhere.

          It then also suffers from key damage being triggered by moves on long CDs thanks to alacrity nerf - blizz to trigger lightning struck means AL doesn't do noticeable damage in between, and singularity triggering event horizon is also on a longer CD.

          IMO the 1000% AL buff should be triggered from something - maybe AL *hitting* a lightning struck mob, and be a stackable buff / survivability move like SOFT or Elemental Fury. Call it a lightning shield. At max stats it would increase AL by 1000% (meaning you carry good damage over to new mobs/mob groups without requiring blizzard to trigger it), and prevent whatever % of damage is applicable.

          I've experimented with Stormcaller with diedre's and rylocke's combo at one point - slightly more survivable but not great. Also tried it with FK staff and rylocke's, again, ripple did barely any damage and survivability was better because of shield, but not ideal, and wouldn't float in push at all - all my testing has been TL80, forget pushing to TL130+ when you can't even take a single archer arrow but have to stand for AL casting as it's a huge portion of your damage.

          Also don't know about the belts - deflect granting lightning struck belt means you've got to get hit. Which means you've got to be in amongst them. useful for arcanist. Not useful for stormcaller. But deflect still has low chance even with mage armour. Can't just put on the +4k deflect belt because then you don't get the lightning struck bonus, lose armour, and tbh, deflect doesn't reduce damage anywhere near as much as we'd need to see.

          Still early days without a craftable set with good stats, but it looks like it's sinking before it got a chance to set sail!
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            I swapped in two pieces with nature/armor/vit/cr. Dropped celerity for blizzard and changed primary spell to arc. Got lucky with a Stormcaller brooch and the qol. I put nature on everything I created and he started wrecking them like Thor.

            For me at least, it's feeling like a good combo-armor setup.


              i did a few runs with the random drops set i have. i liked the playstyle, but MioMike is right, at higher trials it's sunk. i think i did a few tl 100s, with paradox and forbidden knowledge set, and it was reasonably fast, but as you get to higher trials and the event horizon doesn't kill mobs on one cast, it becomes much harder to stay alive and not leave behind a bunch of almost-dead mobs. and as you get even higher, every single stray arrow will sink you. likewise, since you're running around so much, you get almost no cooldown boosts from alacrity.

              it's a fun playstyle, i wish it were better. but the way it is right now it's hard to see it going very far.


                I also don't see it competing for top trials, but am fairly sure it can do t130, probably more. Event horizon has really good damage on higher trials. I wouldn't play with it though, unless someone proves it's the superior set...
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                  Its not as bad as you describe and I really like the gameplay, but it lacks synergies, no belt to use and no weapons. Strip the synergizing new items from other sets and you will get a pretty similar result. Here is also a video of my 2 minute clear of tl100.


                  • Heikki Gross
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                    I was able to push to 125 with this setup. 130+ is possible with optimized gear.

                  • Argon
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                    How about the belt of whispered secrets and mage armor ? Would be completely new to have a use for deflected attacks...

                  • Heikki Gross
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                    There are two issues with that belt:
                    You really do not want to get hit with that build, deflect or not and lightning struck from the belt and set dont stack. They just refresh the duation. So its useless. There really isnt a belt this set benefits from. Even qol and versatile belt are useless since you attavk only with al and dont care about other skills.

                  I've reached TL 129 with this build.
                  I could still do a bunch of expensive gear upgrades to get the defensive boost to get past Gram.
                  I posted more details in this thread:

                  It actually may be more powerful than arcanist.
                  It's just tedious that the set worth nothing unless you are casting Blizzard.
                  Theoretical Modding
                  (because tweaking numbers won't be enough)


                    Just wondering, would this set work better with Fire Lily, because no CD and CR would clear a lot of slots to put in vit and AR? No way to test this right now I guess because it's too expensive glory-wise.


                      That could actually work .. perhaps if someone is willing to test it. Not myself tho :P