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Stormcaller Regalia and Apprentice Sets

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    Stormcaller Regalia and Apprentice Sets

    I am trying to figure out what to do with all of the Stormcaller Regalia and Apprentice pieces I find in the trial levels, and also to decide whether to purchase the Stormcaller recipes by spending glory points.

    Has anyone had success with either one of these sets? I see a few mage builds in the 150+ levels with full 6-piece Stormcaller sets, but I am hesitant to spend the glory points to buy them.

    I have all the recipes for the Apprentice set, but every time I try using a full 6-piece set, my mage keeps dying in the trials.

    I have no complaints or issues with the Elemental Regalia or Arcanist sets.

    One thing I am considering trying is to use 4 Stormcalller + 2 Apprentice pieces (for the +840 Critical Rating). This would allow me to swap out Singularity for a different ability (Blink is the first idea that comes to mind, combined with the Illusionist Sash).

    Any ideas are appreciated.

    The thing is that the Singularity effect of the full Stormcaller set is what beats those high trial levels. The larger the mob group, the greater the damage all take; it operates on a completely different level than a critical rating bonus.

    Apprentice doesn't really work. I can use it to beat TLs 120-125 but that's about it.
    Theoretical Modding
    (because tweaking numbers won't be enough)


      I find it interesting that the Warrior and Bounty Hunter are able to use combination sets like the 4 Warlord/2 Fury and 4 Havoc/2 Demolitionist that become adopted as the most widely used sets.

      Maybe the Mage sets were designed differently so that the 6th set piece was intended to provide a greater bonus than the 2nd set piece from another set, except that this didn't quite come to fruition for the Apprentice set.

      I have most of the recipes unlocked, including most of the trinkets, the Mage bracers, all Fury pieces, 3 Demolitionist pieces, a few belts for each class, and most of the recipes that can be bought with gold. I am missing 3 Demolitionist recipes, all 6 Stormcaller recipes, and the Warrior and Bounty Hunter bracers.

      I guess I will just focus on using just the Elemental Regalia and Arcanist sets for the Mage for the time being, until I earn enough glory points to buy all the recipes.


        Bounty hunter meta used to be a pure stalker build but the devs did a lot of tweaking last autumn to make other sets more competitive.

        6 Fury and 6 Defender builds for warriors also got buffed but the meta 4W2F combo still rules (for now)


        • AxtarOne
          AxtarOne commented
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          Now I feel a little better that I spent the glory points to buy all 6 Fury recipes.

        How to farm glory points?, I got some while leveling up but don't have enough to unlock some recipes.


        • WarriorSeven
          WarriorSeven commented
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          You can't farm Glory. They are earned awards only during ANB, Season, and War Supplies events.

        • Bali_Lenni
          Bali_Lenni commented
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          ....and PvP Arena [have to be pretty lucky though or play every possible ticket for a few........weeks/months ?]

        • Wulfric
          Wulfric commented
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          Or buy the ANB booster packs which include glory. Expensive though and requires parting with real money.